A Quick Reminder About Sending Me Things

If you want to send me something (usually books/magazines, but other things, too), you don’t have to send me an e-mail asking me. Just send them. Here’s how.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

18 replies on “A Quick Reminder About Sending Me Things”

Dude, I just noticed the name of the street, of course i recognized it from androids dream, but damn, that’s slick. Every time I turn around there’s another subtle detail about your books that makes my brain hiccup. that’s awesome!

RE: I don’t actually eat unsolicited food sent through the mail.

Well, brazzlefraggit. There goes my plan for sending you homemade pie to thank you for Lock In.

Oh, well, my family will just have to force themselves to ingest it instead. That shouldn’t be difficult, fortunately.

I believe there was a story involving some guy who claimed to be part of the team writing under the Asimov pen-name as a line for chatting women up in bars.

These days you’d probably have to claim to be part of the Nora Roberts or R.L.Stine team, which probably wouldn’t get you the results you wanted…

I know you post pictures of all the books and ARCs that come into the Scalzi compound, and by the looks of them I’d say you have quite the impressive library growing. I was wondering if you keep all the books that people send you without return postage, or do you donate them/give them as gifts? Or does it depend on the magazine or book?

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