More Leaves

From a couple of days ago, actually. Most of these are already gone. Hello, November.

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  1. If there’s one thing I miss living in SoCal, it’s crisp, sunny autumn days with trees exploding into color, lit up by the afternoon light. On the other hand, it was 85 degrees here in San Diego yesterday, and I got up to run along the beach this morning at 4:45am in a tank top and shorts (absolutely beautiful full-moonset over the ocean), so there’s that.

  2. MattW,

    Wait a month, and go looking for some liquidambar trees.

    It’s November, and roses are still blooming.

  3. This is not the first photo you’ve posted that could be used as the base for a book cover. There was a winter scene a few years back that garnered the comment it would make a good horror-novel cover. This one, I think, would be more suitable for a contemporary romance or lit-fic set in New England or thereabouts.

    Has anyone ever databased the locations where romance novels are set? Because New England would, I suspect, lead the pack. That and the Southwest cowboy-country states. Ohio, I’m afraid, comes off as a bit boring. (My family originally came from Ohio, so I’m allowed to say that.)

  4. I love the composition and colors, but whatever (see what I did there?) you’ve done with photoshop makes it look like a painting. Of course, I’m a photographic neanderthal who still uses exclusively film, so take my observations for what they’re worth, which is not much.

  5. Kurt Vonnegut proposed that November and December comprise a new season: Locking (with March and April as Unlocking.) It depends on the year and your location, but I have seen more evidence of Locking than Unlocking. March and April come off as Spring generally and May/June often are just Summer Lite these days, damn you Global Warming.

  6. Here in the Albany NY area it has been very September-ish weather. Nice on one hand, but my wife’s allergies are bothering her and she actually is looking forward to the first snowfall.

  7. I believe most of Jennifer Crusie’s novels are based in Ohio (contemporary romance). Her books are my favorite re-reads when I’m feeling glum.

  8. Pretty!
    Some times, living in the far northern reaches, I forget that all trees haven’t been bare for the past month… fall colors peaked around September 20

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