This Year I’m Part of the JoCoCruise Experience

It’s been announced on Twitter so now it can be told here: I’ll be a featured guest on this year’s JoCo Cruise, which means I’ll officially be part of the entertainment along with these fine folks. Specifically:

John Scalzi will be coordinating a series of writing workshops, panels and Q&As onboard JCCC5. Details are still being finalized, and will be announced here soon.

Yes indeed. Should be fun. And educational! But also fun.

So if you were on the fence about whether you would want to go on this cruise, well, now you’re unstuck. Do it! It’s the most fun you can legally have on a cruise ship.

More details soon.

20 Comments on “This Year I’m Part of the JoCoCruise Experience”

  1. It’s tricky, being so close to the legal limit for how much fun you can have on a cruise ship. That’s why they announced Patrick Rothfuss simultaneously, to drag the amount of fun back below the legal limit. I just hope he doesn’t have to cancel, or we may all be sent to boat jail.

  2. John, you’ve been on the cruise before so you might have a useful opinion: would this cruise be any fun for a ten year old? I’ve thought of going before, but it seems more targeted at an older crowd.

  3. I imagine others on this thread have also been there, so I’d be happy to read your opinions too! Thanks.

  4. Adam:

    The particular ship the cruise is on (Independence of the Seas) has a number of kid-oriented activities on it, independent of JCCC5. It’s worth checking out the Royal Caribbean site for more details about it. Note that most of the JCCC activities skew older, however.

  5. I’m so glad you’ll be a fellow seamonkey! Will you be taking the no-internet pledge? 8 days is a looooong time…..

  6. That’s ssooo tempting! I saw Paul and Storm at PAXAus, and they were just lovely. But it’s a long way from Melbourne, and I get seasick on merry-go-rounds (really. Not kidding) …

  7. I was surprised; I get carsick sometimes, and seasick on small boats, but apparently not on cruise ships. Even when they’re rocking enough that you look drunk as you walk down a corridor, lurching from side to side. On the other hand, my sister’s brother-in-law was quite green when, as far as my senses could tell, we might as well have been on dry land, the ship was so stable. People are different….

  8. [Deleted because this is truly a tiresome bit of soapboxing, and a general kvetch about Everything Wrong With Cruises is not actually on topic. Your opposition to cruises is noted, dh. Don’t go on one. Also, since you asked: The JCCC5 Code of Conduct – JS]

  9. Dear John,

    It is my sincere desire to argue with you about your motives for deleting a rebuttal to a deleted argument with you about your motives…

    Oh, wait. I’m lost.

    Can we start all over again?

    pax / Ctein

  10. LOve our code of conduct. I do think it needs to mention the 124 rule – all nerds, geeks and game room players must do the following every 24 hours as a minimum: 1 shower, 2 meals, and 4 hours of sleep. This cruise is a blast!!! plus I soaked in a hot tub with John Hodgman, giving me the enviable 6 degrees of separation from Queen Latifa. .

  11. so what kind of entertaining are writers going to offer? you going to eat fire while juggling on one foot? Or is it like a Kim Kardashian thing, your famous for being famous so your entertaining to be around?

  12. Apparently you’ve never heard John in person. Or followed any of those links to videos of one of his readings. He’s actually quite entertaining. Mostly, however, it looks like he’ll be running a writer’s workshop. You know, like it says at the top of the thread.

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