One For the Fan Club, Because It’s Been a While

And yes, Ghlaghghlee is sticking her tongue out at you. She’s saucy that way.

26 Comments on “One For the Fan Club, Because It’s Been a While”

  1. And why shouldn’t She? After all, cats have done a very good job of domesticating humans, and She’s obviously pleased with Her minions…

  2. You know, even though I see cat faces a lot (I have thirteen cats), I still look at that photo and see her tongue as being her lower lip, as if someone had put lipsticked lips onto her.

    And once again, I miss Chang who is not chang.

  3. Xopher et al: Chang Who is Not Chang’s fate was unfortunate. Ghlaghghlee decided that CnC was insufficiently admiring of Mighty She. So she smothered him and then ate him.

    It was deucedly unfortunate, really. Still, we should have seen it coming.

  4. Totally adorable.

    I will tune in for all the usual updates, as college allows. :)

  5. My cat does this! Someone told me once it was because they just forget their tongue haha I don’t know if it’s true or not but I do know that it’s absolutely precious the way that they look at you like they want to burn your children but then they have that cute little pink tongue hanging out. Of course this is only cute on cats because if a human looked at me like they hated my unborn offspring and stuck there tongue out at me I don’t think I would find it adorable.

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