Winter’s Here + “Lock In” a Goodreads Choice Awards Finalist + Other Stuff

Dear Autumn: Your contract clearly specified that you were to work until December 21st, with some allowances for part-time work after the pie was served on Thanksgiving. However, as the above photo clearly indicates, you are now in breach of contract. Please come see us to discuss this matter. Thank you. That will be all.

In other, entirely unrelated news, Lock In has made the final round of the Goodreads Choice Awards, in the Science Fiction category. That’s pretty cool, so if you voted for the book in the previous two rounds, thank you. I would encourage you to do so again, or if you’ve not voted already, to do so now. Mind you, if there’s another book among the finalists you like more, go ahead and vote for that instead. But if you prefer to vote for Lock In, then, again, thanks. Here’s the link to vote.

I’ll also remind you all that you can order signed and personalized books from me for the holidays through my local bookstore, Jay & Mary’s. Here’s how to do that, if you’ve not done so already.

Finally, the folks at Strange Horizons are in the final stretch of their annual fund drive. SH is the place that first published science fiction of mine, so I’m sentimental about it, and am happy to have it continue. If you’d like to donate to keep them going, here’s the link (and yes, I’ve donated). They’re very close to their fund drive goal — it’d be lovely to get them over the top.

And no, I’m not at quota yet for the day. I got a late start due to sleeping in because it’s the first snow day of the academic year and I didn’t have to take Athena to school. However, I am going to leave you now. But I will tell you that I have two additional updates scheduled for this week. On Wednesday, I’ll show off the new books and ARCs that have arrived at the house. And on Friday, I will offer up a self-promotion thread, in which you may tell everyone about your latest creative projects and cool things, or tell them about something cool/creative a friend is doing. See you then.

Now back to the word mines.