Morning Clouds + Two Quick Advertisements For Myself

Clouds first, because they’re pretty.

And now, the advertisements for myself:

1. Today is the last day for you to vote for Lock In at the Goodreads Choice Awards, if such is your joy. Go here to vote. If you see something else you prefer, it’s okay to vote for that instead.

2. Remember you can get signed, personalized books from me for the holidays via Jay & Mary’s Book Center. Here are the details on that. I’ll likely be going in this next weekend to sign the first batch of orders.

The writing is chugging along. Wheee!

9 Comments on “Morning Clouds + Two Quick Advertisements For Myself”

  1. Don’t forget that Patrick Rothfuss has signed first editions of Lock In for sale for $50 on the Tinker’s Pack with all proceeds going to his Worldbuilders charity.

  2. I just voted for your book. I also looked for a post where you stated “Doing the Time Warp Again” (and possibly again) is recursive. I could not find the post so I will put the comment here: “Doing the Time Warp Again” is merely iterative unless some formal condition is met. For instance, one takes medicine until cured. Are you cured yet? No. Then keep taking medicine. Or in another post where it was stated “Nothing lasts forever” (and this may have been in reference to a different author’s book spotlighted here on your blog) a recursive statement would be, “Everything Lasts Forever until It Doesn’t.” In terms of the procedural or mathematical statement needed to recursively do the Time Warp Again, one would do the Time Warp Again and Again until some condition is met that stops the Time Warp, like x=1. If x |= (not equal) 1, then do the Time Warp. However, the procedural statement can be used recursively from a NULL state, such that due to the procedural statement’s condition, the Time Warp could iterate infinitely until it doesn’t but the condition is never met so it continues infinitely, or becomes ever smaller infinitely, depending on the conditional statement. And again, the easiest way to understand recursion is the Yogi Berra quote, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.” Just my two algorithmic cents. But I did vote for your book. Have a nice holiday season.

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