Happy Thanksgiving

Let us celebrate with one of the greatest Thanksgiving songs ever.

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving/Thursday, everyone.

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  1. Alex Willging – Southern California – Alexander Willging is the creator of the pop culture blog Mr. Rhapsodist and their 2012 short story collection Digital Eyes, Family Ties. A lifelong resident of Southern California, they are an alumnus of Loyola Marymount University, a born Catholic with a progressive bent, and an unapologetic cat lover.
    Alex Willging

    Unfortunately, the song’s not complete without the part that comes next. But still great!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. My favorite Thanksgiving song is “Alice’s Restaurant.” There was a local radio station in the Twin Cities that used to play it every Thanksgiving, but I’ve moved away from Minnesota and I don’t know if they still do it.

  4. lkeke35 – I am a Librarian Clerk in the Midwestern US. Its my job to know stuff (or at the very least, admit I know nothing, and go find out!) I love SciFi and Horror, Books, Movies, and television shows. I celebrate Blackness all year round. I am intolerant of intolerance.

    Is it sad that I know all the words to that song?

    Everybody have a Happy One ,

  5. I manage to find Alice’s Restaurant on the radio every Thanksgiving as I drive to visit family. But I have the CD just in case. ;-}

  6. @ Dana You kids and your newfangled CD’s. I have that Arlo Guthrie song on compact cassette.

  7. Good song. But the classics may still be two items from the immortal Stan Freberg’s United States of America: “Pilgrim’s Progress” (aka “take an Indian to Lunch Today”) and “The Thanksgiving Story” (aka “Under the Double Turkey”). Both available on YouTube

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