New Books and ARCs, 11/28/14

It’s the Black Friday collection.

Let me know in the comments what here looks particularly appealing to you.

27 thoughts on “New Books and ARCs, 11/28/14

  1. Legion – Skin Deep. Hoping that Canada Post is on the ball and it is delivered sooner rather than later!

  2. Ah, okay, that IS what I thought it was. Yeah, that sounds cool.

    Also, now that I’ve looked closer, I’m adding “Eureka! Discovering your Inner Scientist” to the list. I’d not caught the subtitle on the first glance.

  3. Diabolical Miss Hyde struck me immediately as delicious steampunk, a quick Goggle proves my supposition happily correct. And if it’s Gaiman I wants it. My precioussssss…..

  4. Article 9 and not just because I’m married to the author. It’s a great book about space stations and the politics behind them.

  5. Read Legion last year, it was really good. Brandon’s always awesome, but this is one of my favorites of his. I think the main character is ridiculously original.

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