Today’s Ill-Advised Facial Hair Experiment, 12/1/14

I was warned never to go full Wolverine.

This picture taken as I was shaving off my November beard, accrued not as a “Movember” fundraiser but simply out of complete sloth. It’s all gone now. I still need to get a haircut, however.

Welcome to December!

25 Comments on “Today’s Ill-Advised Facial Hair Experiment, 12/1/14”


    Some things can’t be un-seen. Excuse me while I go wash my eyes out with rubbing alcohol.

  2. Shave off as much of the whiskers as you choose, but I suggest that you forgo the haircut. You seem to have a similar hairline to mine at your age. It was around my mid to late forties that I realized that any effort I made to comb or brush my remaining hair neatly just looked like a combover. At that point I just buzzed my whole scalp. It is a simple look and easily maintained by a monthly rebuzz. So, yes, I am telling you that I think you should get buzzed.

  3. “This picture taken as I was shaving off my November beard, accrued…out of complete sloth.”

    So did you shave a sloth and apply the trimmings to your face, or use ground-up sloth as a topical ointment a la minoxidil?

    Both are troubling.

  4. Keep this for when you’re cast as Renfield in yet another adaptation of Dracula.

  5. In b&w you look awfully like a lesser-known 19th century president — didn’t I once see you on a 37 cent stamp?

  6. I think taking that picture was even more ill-advised. Sorry, some laundry is best hung in the *back* yard ;-)

  7. Gotta say, you produce the best “bad” photos! Want to totally hire you next time I get my driver’s license renewed!

  8. Wolverine/Lambchops… aren’t they the same thing? Also, so many catty comments on here!

  9. If you let that grow some more, it would be a lot more controllable. Try leaving it for two or three months. It will totally work. Totally.

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