Self Portrait Via Cat

I’m in this picture. Twice!

Hope you’re having a fabulous Sunday.

14 Comments on “Self Portrait Via Cat”

  1. A bit pixelated, though, if I try to see you.

  2. It’s like William Borroughs says in the Laurie Anderson song Sharkey’s Night: “I can see two tiny pictures of myself and there’s one in each of your eyes”.

  3. The beauty of Her Ghlaghgheeness is well presented (and appreciated; please tell her), even if the image is diminished a bit by the addition of mere humanity.

  4. Tell me, though, Master Scalzi, one bit about her name (or should that be ‘Name’?). I have been apprised of the correct pronunciation (shades of G.B. Shaw), but why is the first syllable then spelled with an ‘a’ instead of a ‘u’? Enquiring minds want to know…

  5. Argent47: I don’t know, but I can point out that “a” can be for “adorable”, if you’re asking a pronunciation question.

  6. …we’re spreading fast
    They’re watching us watching them through the glass
    We got them hypnotized, under our control
    We’re nearly ready to put the world on hold

    — “Captain Void and the Video Jets” from
    All The Good Ones Are Taken

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