Do you have those days? Is today one of them?


In lieu of brain product, please to enjoy this picture of Krissy. Fair trade, I think.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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I was like that on Thursday. We drove 918 miles from San Marcos, Texas to Tucson, Az. After we got out of the car, everything was still “moving” and my brain did not work until noon on Friday!

I have days like that more often than I’d care to admit. At this point I’m blaming the baby-related sleep deprivation. I imagine it’ll clear up when she moves out in another 18 years or so.

OK, I feel better. I am not alone either. I am taking two steps backward for every step forward so far today. Which means I should really just stop working, right? and go read a good book instead….

My hovercraft is full of eels. Sometimes, so is my head. Yes, sometimes it makes more sense to take a break and let your brain reconnect than it does to force your way through, especially if you have been productive recently (which you have). Sometimes it means your subconscious needs more time to process before you can produce again.
Trust me, I’m a scientist. Who studies writers.

My personal cure is to take a break. I’ll make a run to the coffee shop with the specific intent of having a conversation. Going for a walk or a run always gets things moving (knocks on wood). I get to my third place, or a state of being in which I can meditate or think freely.

I read Amanda’s comment as “Also known as Monkey”… evidently, not only can I not brain, I cannot read either.

Monday, how I hate thee… let me count the ways.

1: Kid sick. (I drove her in to school. I then stayed awake (rather than going back to bed) because I knew she was gonna call.)

2: Spouse sick.

3: Me TIRED. And maybe sick.

This day is so much cannot brain.

Karen Carpenter said it best for me “Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down!”
The picture of Krissy does make me feel better. Five Piercings!!! That is so-o-o-o COOL! As Soon as I retire, that is exactly what I am going to do! And wear earrings in every single one like she does. Krissy, You Rock!!!

I had one of those nights where you keep turning over to look at the clock and end up being able to account for every hour from 12 to 6. Brain? I can barely body today. Krissy does help though. She’s got such an awesome smile.

Heck, I’m so unbrained the only thing I can handle right now is mandatory on-line training.

I did read “Lock In” over the weekend, and thought it among your best. Though I would have liked to see you go farther with the ethics of potentially eliminating Haden culture by curing the disease. Not that working near Gallaudet has anything to do with that.

Welcome to the experience of chronic mental illness. Today I am not merely “not braining”, I am “not actioning” either.

Well, actually I tell a lie. While a fair chunk of my brain would like nothing more than for me to be spending the entire day in bed doing nothing or pretending to sleep, the rest of my brain knows full well I would get horrendously bored within the first twenty minutes of not being able to sleep, and start looking around for things to do. It also knows I have a knee rug (Christmas present for my father-in-law) to finish by Saturday afternoon, along with at least one batch of biscuits for my mother-in-law. Plus, of course, there’s the housework and the regular chores which need to be done or else the house starts to look as though a bomb hit.

But I’m doing all these things through a mental fog and a profound feeling of “bleh”, which basically adds the feeling of doing everything while walking through chest-high treacle on a cold day.

The even better bit: I’ve been feeling like this for at least the past month or so. If I lived in the Northern Hemisphere, I’d be able to write it off as seasonal glumph, but I’m in Australia. Depression sucks rocks through a straw.

To quote the internet: “I cannot brain, I have the dumb.”

And yes, that was me yesterday, an extra-classic Monday. There was much consuming of the caffeine and tapping of the keys but not much in the way of definable output… :(

@Megpie71 – I don’t know, the “seasonal” soup pretending to be air in Sydney this week is enough to give anyone the glumphs! But in all seriousness, I’ve been there too and it sucks balls. I don’t have any sugary-happy-cheer-up tips to give but I hope you find the other side sometime soon :).

Last night I woke up to go to the bathroom and thought of “Duel” and a bunch of other great stories by Richard…Miller? Milton? Millhouse? Manning? For the life of me I couldn’t think of his last name.

It’s Matheson, and if he was before your time you kids don’t know what you missed. Get off my lawn, go to the library, and check out anything you find with his name on or in it (he’s in a lot of anthologies). You’re welcome in advance.

SINGS:- “When the sun’s in the sky and an eel bites your thigh, that’s a moray!”
Lots of them. In a hovercraft. With bacon-cats.

Your commenters are even more distracting than your posts. It’s all your fault! And the fault of all your commenters! Except me, of course…

Not braining = accidentally putting three filters stuck together into the coffee-maker instead of one, and then sitting watching the drops in mild bemusement, wondering why the coffee’s coming out so pale. It took an embarrassingly long time to figure out what was wrong.

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