Last Day for Signed/Personalized Books for the Holidays

A gentle reminder that if you wanted signed/personalized books from me for the holidays, today is the last day to order them, which you can do by following the directions here. I’ll also be signing all of Jay & Mary’s remaining Scalzi stock, so after today, there should still be some signed copies of my work available, it just won’t be personalized and may not arrive before Christmas. Plan accordingly.

Lindsey Rey Explores My Books

YouTube personality and general book enthusiast Lindsey Rey has an “author exploration” video featuring me and my books, and it’s a pretty good encapsulation of what I do, actually, especially for people who might not know about my work. Plus it’s always fun to listen to someone this geeked out about science fiction and fantasy. Check it out.

She’s also done an author exploration on Brandon Sanderson as well. I suspect more author explorations will be on the way.