Lindsey Rey Explores My Books

YouTube personality and general book enthusiast Lindsey Rey has an “author exploration” video featuring me and my books, and it’s a pretty good encapsulation of what I do, actually, especially for people who might not know about my work. Plus it’s always fun to listen to someone this geeked out about science fiction and fantasy. Check it out.

She’s also done an author exploration on Brandon Sanderson as well. I suspect more author explorations will be on the way.

19 Comments on “Lindsey Rey Explores My Books”

  1. I subscribed. Its pretty good. Best part is its short. If I want to find a new author or a new anything, I want a brief overview. I like how she starts with ‘start with this book’. Some authors have massive numbers of books so its hard to figure out what to start with.

  2. She does a nice job. Well done Lindsey Rey, I will be looking for more of your videos in the future.

  3. Watched the entire video and I must say that was very well done.

    I read H. Beam Piper’s “Little Fuzzy,” but not your version “Fuzzy Nation.”

    I know what I am buying myself for Christmas!

  4. Love her enthusiasm, but at the risk of sounding like an old fart, her frequent superfluous interjections of the word “like” quickly became very grating.

  5. Having worked at a university for thirty years, I don’t even hear “like” in conversation. For all I know, I use it myself. I do worry that she isn’t breathing often enough…

  6. Wish these types of videos were closed captioned. As a deaf person, I miss hearing what is being said.

  7. I agree with jdrhoades. She’s enthusiastic, and certainly knows her subject matter; I just think she needs to cut back on the caffeine a tad.

  8. Kyle, if you’re into audiobooks at all, the version on Audible of Wil Wheaton reading “Fuzzy Nation” is one of my all-time favourite listens. And it has the full audio of Piper’s book as an extra!

  9. I’m rather an old fart, so I too noticed her overuse of “like”. BUT slow-talkers completely drive me crazy and she was certainly the opposite of that, so I enjoyed the video tremendously.

  10. Video perfection or professional slickness is hard to achieve, painfully time consuming, and expensive. Rey probably has a choice between doing her thing quickly and idiosyncratically or rarely, if ever, doing it all. I’m glad she’s choosing to, like, enthusiastically put it out there. Well done.

  11. I’m, like, twice her age but I’m all “like, what are people complaining about?”

    If she didn’t say “like” that often, she’d be talkingevenfaster.

  12. “I use “like” roughly as much as she does, so I didn’t notice it.”

    John, we always knew you were a valley girl. :)

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