On the Subject of Last Minute Scalzi Gifts

Want to give a signed book of mine but didn’t get it together to participate in the annual “get a personalized book” thing I do? Well, the good news that there are still ways to get signed stuff from me for the holidays. Here’s how to do it:

1. Jay & Mary’s Book Center’s entire stock* of Scalzi novels is now signed, and they have all of my novels as well as the two blog collections (Hate Mail and Mallet). So give them a call (calling is better than e-mail); they’ll be happy to ship to you here in the US.

2. Borderlands Books in San Francisco also has a few signed copies of Lock in available, and I’m pretty sure they’ll also ship here within the US.

3. If you’re outside the US, ThinkGeek has signed copies of Lock In which they will be delighted to ship to many countries. Check with them!

If you’re a bookstore and have signed books of mine, put a note in the comments and I will update.

Aaaaaand this is the last overtly commercial posting (for myself) I think I’ll make this year. Happy holidays!

* I did not sign J&M’s OMW boxed set because it was wrapped in plastic and I didn’t want to tear it open. Because even if I were signing the books inside, it kinda felt like vandalism.

2 Comments on “On the Subject of Last Minute Scalzi Gifts”

  1. Borderlands Books has probably the best mail-order service of any bookstore I’ve found. A+ bookstore, and it makes ordering Christmas presents really nice. Plus, last time I was there, they had a bunch of signed copies of not only Lock-In, but also Pat Rothfuss’s new book, Seanan McGuire’s new book, and Mira Grant’s new book. (Also they have a very awesome bookstore cat, as all bookstores should)

  2. I read that “it kinda felt like vandalism” observation and thought, “egad, a person after my own heart!”

    To be clear, if I were ordering the box set, I’d ask you to tear it open and sign it nonetheless, but… yep.

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