I tried to write a piece of some substance today, and it just came out, well, awful.

(Yes, yes. “As opposed to what you usually write, Scalzi? Hur hur hur hur.” Very funny. Shut up.)

I think I’m going to write off the rest of 2014, brain-wise, here on Whatever. The good news is, that means more cat pictures for you! Which is what I know you come here for anyway. This being the case:

Yes, there we go.

(Also, for those wondering about Ghlaghghee, she’s feeling slightly better today. Which is not the same as feeling good. We’re doing the “let’s take this a day at a time” thing from here on out.)

How’s your Tuesday?

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  1. Glad to hear that Ghlaghghee is feeling better today. My Tuesday is going swimmingly; I’m experimenting with Chicken Tikka Masala in the crockpot, and not only does my house smell amazing, but it was incredibly easy.

  2. Judging by his expression, your brain problems are all part of Lopsided Cat ‘s dastardly plan to take over the world.

  3. Good to hear your cat Ghlaghghee is feeling a tad better today. Hope (she?) continues to improve. Just so you know, I have owned several cats, often what we think is some huge illness is just some minor thing that passes in time. Let’s hope for the best for her either way. I enjoy all your works! As for your cat, she may buck up yet! Have hope. Keep prayerful. I will too.

    AK Lacey

  4. Well, I’m trying to work (and type this) without flexing the index finger on my dominant left hand, which got chomped on by a rescue dog on Sunday. What this means is I’m saying “ow!” after every r, t, f, g, v, and b [PAUSE, MUCH CUSSIN’]. Other than that, it’s a fine day here in Houston.

  5. I think I couldn’t have a cat simply for that look of disdain alone…

    I am 99% done with a doll my kid is sure she needs for xmas. Considering it was a pile of uncut fabric this morning, and no pattern drafted, I’m considering that a major win. Sadly, this was the far easier of the two dolls* she (thinks) she requires. In related news, I hate this holiday. >_<

    * Ovejita and Colambo from Sesame Street. She has all the other beans, now she's working her way through the deep cuts. Last year it was Dr. Thad and the Medications, year before it was Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats. I'm convinced it's an exercise to see if I really love her.

  6. That cat is sitting in a command chair in some nefarious bunker, stroking a miniature Blofeld, whisper-growling, ‘No, Mr. scalzi, I expect you to feed me, now!’

  7. My day has stunk for many work-related reasons. I took a break, read your post and said to myself: “Hey, Self, work my blows chunks, but you don’t have a sick cat at home. Life could be worse so suck it up.”

    Thanks, Mister Scalzi. Hope Miss G. continues to feel better.

  8. One lion of a cat. Purawr. My suggestion for writing woes: buy a soccer goal(with net), put it on that plain you call your ‘yard,’ get a soccer ball to go with it, and get out there and kick it out. [note judicious use of serial comma]

  9. Dave: MTE. I’d love to know how to do chicken tikka masala in the crockpot. Here’s the recipe I use to make it on the stovetop:


    The garam masala was a little tricky to come by. Fortunately, there’s an Indian restaurant not far from my house which has, essentially, its own mini-mart attached to it. I got a pound for something like six bucks, and when you consider that I couldn’t find it locally anywhere else, and McCormick wanted to charge me eight bucks for two ounces (nevermind shipping), I think that’s a helluva deal.

    In other news, I hope Fluffy (never can get all the consonants in the right order, my apologies, no disrespect intended) continues to improve.

  10. I’ll have you know we don’t just come here for the cat pictures. There are the dog pictures too!

  11. My brain has been out to lunch for close to a week now. I am (allegedly) teaching a class on our department’s datawarehouse this month, but the past couple of sessions have been notable primarily for my spectacular demonstrations of tripping over my own tongue as I try to speak rationally.

    In my case, I blame the seasonal overload of high-calorie treats that I never seem to completely avoid. In your case, though, my guess is that your heart is telling your head to back off with the cerebral stuff and spend some time with the people (both two-legged and four-legged) that you love.

    Hence, my prescription for you is to go engage in some intensive cat-snuggling and dog-romping sessions, leavened with frequent infusions of laughter with spouse and offspring. Repeat as needed until the condition subsides. Be aware that severe cases can last for several weeks at a time, so don’t be concerned if you discover that you need to continue on this prescription into the new year.

    Peace, and be well.

  12. In my opinion, John, this is a brilliant idea that you should encourage the rest of the world to adopt. Think about it – when some less than thoughtful politician or talking head/pundit/ “expert” on any news channel or protestor for/against just about anything opens his/her mouth and inserts his/her foot, the video/audio feed or comment thread or blog posting automatically cuts away to a picture or video of a happy dog or non-grumpy cat. This reminds me of an old story about my grandfather I was told many years ago – he was suspended from 7th grade for writing “I believe the world would be a better place if everyone was just a little bit tipsy all the time.”

  13. Well, I had a nice long visit with the dentist. He’s a nice guy, but I prefer to run into him away from his office. I’m hoping the novocaine wears off and I stop drooling in my work meetings soon…

  14. Love to Ghlaghghee, Zeus, and Lopsided cat. My allergies prevent me from adopting thy brethren so I’ll pet you virtually.

    I popped out to Costco this morning (shopping breaks are a perc of working from home and starting at 7AM) and as well as the items on my list I scored a ginormous bag of Pop Corners (snack-of-the-year.) Saturday is a Guardians of the Galaxy re-watch with the gang – and I have the treats!

  15. Some cats are intimidating, some are cute, and some are loveable. That is a photo of a very unimpressed cat … yup.

  16. Cats (and dogs) are like people, except they break your hearts more often. (Our parrot, Carmen, has outlasted at least three generations of cats; but you wouldn’t want her sleeping on your bed at night.)

  17. I got woken up by three puppies snuggling at me. They know they aren’t allowed on the bed, but they also know that love-bombing me out of a sound sleep at ohgod o’clock gets them a temporary reprieve.

    There are worse ways to start the day.

  18. I’m glad Ghlaghgee is having a good day today. I hope she has more left than expected.

    I just accepted a guest position at a con. Can’t say where yet, because they won’t announce it for several weeks, but it’s my first so I’m pretty happy about that.

  19. I spent the day looking up whether my various packages have shipped/have shipping info yet. (Amazon, still “preparing to ship*” B&N, shipping info Yay!) Glad they aren’t presents or I’d have gone slightly loopy from frustration.

    Other than that, I’ve been making a slight dent in my tbr pile.

    *What does that even mean? Does my yarn need to pack a suitcase?

  20. I feel thankful that I have a keyboard protector because I got my Christmas card stash out and glitter is everywhere.
    Mostly green glitter because that is how that really great set is made shiny and Okay, crap. Have you seen my address book? Coulda sworn I just had Oh. Why was it behind the sofa?

    Poor Ghlaghgee.

    And I only have four stamps. Four Spiderman stamps. The red is OK, but nothing else on those four stamps looks season appropriate.

  21. @Rick Senneca: in honor of your grandfather I’m pouring myself a shot of Scotch — that’s an absolutely brilliant idea!

  22. I haz a glug in mah sinuses and cannot brain. The first patron of the day spent 20 minutes ranting at me about her overdue fines; luckily, the rest of the day went better. In Glaghghee’s honor, Zorro will get many cuddles tonight, as long as I don’t scare her away with the sneezing.

  23. Husband is still on vacation this week, so we watched the first two Hobbit films in preparation for going to see the third on Thursday. I worked on knitting his new Dr Who scarf, and he played WoW. We watched our new kittens zoom around the living room. Decent day.

  24. Oh, and that is a majestic shot of The Lopsided One. He’s simultaneously agreeing that what you wrote today was crap, and posing like a lion. The dignity and jawline and fur are giving me flashbacks to Ron Perlman as Vincent, and I kinda like the thought of him with that voice.

  25. Next to Last Samurai: she arrived May 27, 2003. She was evidently several weeks old at that point. If I had to make up a birthdate for her I’d go with April 1, just because.

  26. A most majestic gaze! And I’m glad Ghlaghghee is responding to treatment and having a better day.

  27. Really happy to hear that Ghlaghghee is feeling better. I hope she can keep a good quality of life for as long as possible.

    My day so far… let’s say I currently hate the World.

  28. Does that mean (I hope!) the book is done?

    If you’re back to having a little time, could you post the cookie recipe? I did tell people you had it and would post it when you could. I don’t have a blog to put it on, myself.

    And maybe…maybe you could do a recipe swap thread? (Kind of like the gift guides, but recipes or links?) I’d like the crockpot Tikka Masala recipe from the first comment, for instance.

    Cats and food. What could be better?

  29. So sorry about your cat. We lost our old lab last year and I think about that sweet dog often. Our younger dog is a big comfort.
    On another topic, thank you soooo much for ruining my morning! I’m about 1/3 of the way through Redshirts and I desperately need to do a bunch of stuff which means I had to put down the book. I’m really angry that I have to stop reading it and even more angry that it’s good enough to make me angry about that.

  30. Hello,

    I am french reader of your blog and books (in French…:)) since years. Hope your cat will going good in next days. Mine is sleeping in house at this time (not a surprise…)

    I have just finished reading French version of “The Human Divisions” called “Humanité Divisée”, which was just released in France last month. Thanks for that, it is great to come back in Old Man’s war universe…

    I am now waiting for Lock In translation next year in France. Have a good end of day with your family and cats.


  31. John, first off it is December… braining isn’t really an option. from now until whenever the easiest thing to do is let the autonomic functions do their things, respond to prompts like eat, sleep, and drink and mostly try to stay out of your own way. That’s my plan at least.

    Re: Lord Dictator of All He Rules up above. Seriously, do not walk into any dark rooms alone. It would be awful to here you got shanked by the cat. Hopefully Daisy is ready to start exercising her Dog given rights to be Mistress of her Humans.

  32. That is one *thoroughly* unimpressed/skeptical ol’ cat!! ♥ ♥

    Bright Blessings to Ghlaghghee & besh wishes for her good health & comfort. I’ve had several senior cats but never had one develop CHF until this Fall, either. Fortunately(?) my spouse is already taking almost all the drugs prescribed for her so she just snitched some from the human (what else is new ;-)…. At her age all one can really do is be thankful for every day & do whatever you can to make her feel happy & loved–which is quite a lot in your family.

    Happy Hanukkwanzmastice to All!

  33. I’m glad to hear Ghlaghghee is doing better today. I hope she has many more days of feeling better. xo

  34. Now there’s a cat that should’ve been born a lion.

    Robin: thanks for the history links! Ghlaghghee was a cute kitten. Any idea when the rest of the family realized she wasn’t a he?

    And now I’m also curious about Rex, whom I’d not heard of before just now…

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