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Worst Date In 5 Words

It was a Twitter hashtag. I was bored. SUE ME. "My ankle monitor is itchy." #WorstDateIn5Words — John Scalzi (@scalzi) December 19, 2014 "First date with a human!" #WorstDateIn5Words — John Scalzi (@scalzi) December 19, 2014 "Promise I won't snort mustard." #WorstDateIn5Words — John Scalzi (@scalzi) December 19, 2014 "The moon's full tonight? Uh-oh." #WorstDateIn5Words […]

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About That Note From John Sargent

Being asked if I have any comments on this note from John Sargent, CEO of Macmillan, about ebook pricing and subscriptions. Briefly: 1. With regard to the ebook pricing, it appears to me that what he’s saying is that ebook prices are going to fluctuate more than Macmillan might prefer, probably because Apple’s deal allows […]

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