Worst Date In 5 Words

It was a Twitter hashtag. I was bored. SUE ME.


By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

64 replies on “Worst Date In 5 Words”

I was reading these to my wife as you tweeted them. She likes to act as if she doesn’t like your writing (because she’s tired of hearing me talk about you all the time) but she was laughing out loud at these.

This reminds me of one of my yoga instructors. She says she is a first date kind of girl… cause she doesn’t get second dates. All she does is talk about how hard up she is. Totally interferes with my Zen.

I am happy to inform you that Charlie Stross, or Twitter, or a vengeful Old-Testament God appears to have deleted his #WorstDateIn5Words tweet about penile degloving accidents.

“That waitress. You. Me… Threeway?”
“My voices are quiet tonight.”
“You’re not a feminazi, right?”
“You look adequate for tonight.”
“Mother said home by 9”
“Twenty years inside changed me.”
“What year is it? Seriously!”
“Wanna see my pet leech?”

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