Ghlaghghee Update

I know many of you are curious about how Ghlaghghee is doing, so: She’s still with us and the medicine she’s taking to clear out the fluid in her lungs seems to be doing the job, since she’s not been having any of the troubling horking coughs which were troubling her before. On the other hand she spends almost all of her time sleeping and when she’s not sleeping she is moving very very slowly, and not whole lot. So while I think the danger of imminent death has been lessened, I’m not entirely sure she’s better. Again, we’ll have to see what happens. In the meantime and at the very least, she’s comfortable and cared for.

I do want to take a moment and thank the folks, here and on Twitter, who has been sending good thoughts our way. It’s kind of you to do so, and appreciated.

By John Scalzi

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She looks less of an elderly cat in that picture – fluffier, indeed! I do hope she recovers more but I recognise that, as you’ve explained, her condition is eventually terminal :(. But she’s clearly getting lots of good care and love and I hope that helps :).

I hope she continues to get better, so that the quality of her life is good again.
When my Spurgo was sick, my vet told me that even a few months can be a long time for a cat, so managing to give them some months of good life, it is actually a great thing for them.

Those horking coughs are exhausting, and it takes a few days to recover from them. Now that Ghlaghghee ain’t got ’em no more she’ll hopefully start moving about after she recovers from them.

If you’ve been the kind of sick that gives the dry heaves think that and add in old equals slower healing, and rib muscles that are about a 6 and make a deep breath hurt.

Having done hospice care for more than a couple cats in the last few years…not getting worse definitely counts as a good day. Best of luck with keeping her comfortable.

Thank you for the update on Ghlaghghee’s condition. Seeing that picture of her curled up and sleeping made me want to cry. Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best for the dear furball.

Thank you for the update on Ghlaghghee. When you first told us she was not well, she did look sick, but now she looks better groomed.

May she continue to improve and enjoy treats from the Christmas table.

I’m glad she’s feeling more comfortable. She’s lucky to have humans who take such good care of her and have her best interests at heart, even when that means being prepared to make hard decisions when the time comes. Wishing you all the best.

The one thing I know is that we just don’t know. We have to see what happens. As I know you know. (Sorry, giving pathetically bad comment here.)

As someone up above said, as long as she’s comfortable and loved, that’s the good stuff.

I’ll continue to beam good thoughts to all Scalzis: furred and not.

Good to hear she’s feeling better. She looks better in the picture, too. Your piece hit close to home in a couple ways. We have a kitty who is the virtual twin of the Radiant She. And we’re still mourning the loss of one of our furry children, even several years later. Best wishes for all of you, two and four legged alike. You’re in our thoughts.

I haven’t checked in for a while and just saw about Ghlaghghee – I am so, so sorry. I hope the medications keep her comfortable for however long she stays with you. You all have my best wishes for her recovery.

Just buried two of the family this summer. Mama outlived her daughter by a few months…we think that she was 22. 20 at a minimum. However you slice it, it’s a blow. It hurts for a bit. There are good memories.

Has she lost her appetite, or refuses to eat food she used to enjoy? My 18.5 yr. old, Silver has been like that, and getting very skinny. We just learned that he loves bites of fresh ham and roasted turkey. Forget the canned kitteh food. This may keep him going a couple of more years, God willing.

Hope that she has some good days ahead of her. Our cat went into decline all through last winter and it was extremely tense, each week we had to decide which way to go, had we tried everything reasonably possible to improve her condition, was she getting any quality experience out of living. I don’t wish that experience on anyone. So hoping the process doesn’t take too much toll on anyone in the family. Happy solstice and best wishes.

She does look better in this picture — has she been groomed, or did she do that herself?

I’m thinking, like the others, that it’ll take a while to recover just from the hacking coughs. It’s like when people have the flu, and they’re technically “well”, but still tire easily.

I do hope The Radiant She gets back to some state of health, or at least lasts till after New Year (Harsh, but pragmatic).

Do Zeus and Loppy care at all, or even notice? They all seem sufficient unto themselves.

Glad she seems to be feeling better. Our Sammy had developed kidney problems when she was 14 and we had to hydrate her every few days. It helped her a bit but she did spend most of the time sleeping and when awake moving slowly.

Enjoy your baby now for her time left is short. We are all blessed to have pets who are integral part of our lives even if it’s only for 14 or so years.

Wishing you and the family a joyous holiday.

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