New Books and ARCs, 12/19/14

This will be the last of these, I expect, of the year, so: What here looks good to you? Share in the comments.

23 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 12/19/14”

  1. Peter Brett’s “Demon Cycle” is fantastic. I’m sure the novella “Messenger’s Legacy” will be well worth the investment.

  2. I thought SERAPHINA was very good (but then, I’ve been a fan of Rachel Hartman and that world since her AMY UNBOUNDED mini-comics).

    Looking up the interesting titles got me to put a hold on THE FLIGHT OF THE SILVERS. And a blurb on that got me to put a hold on THE THINKING WOMAN’S GUIDE TO REAL MAGIC.

    Two more authors to try! Woot!

  3. We could be villains, Seraphina and The Diabolical Miss Hyde all look very interesting. I’ve put them on my “to-read” list!

  4. Seraphina must be new in pbk; it’s been out for a while. It is EXCELLENT. Definitely read it and share with your daughter!

  5. Well let’s see — in my most recent batch I got Superposition and The Flight of the Silvers, and the week before I think I got Seraphina and The Diabolical Miss Hyde. I have Shadow Scale on the way.

    I was especially happy to see Superposition, because David Walton’s debut from Tor, Quintessence, was a thoroughly exciting Elizabethan secondary-world fantasy and one of the best books I reviewed last year — and it flopped, so utterly and completely that Tor rejected its sequel, which Walton went on to self-publish. For Pyr to give his career a second chance with a new SF title is nice to see, and I’m looking forward to digging into the book. Hopefully he won’t go ignored this time. For now, go read Quintessence!

  6. We Could Be Villains and The Diabolical Miss Hyde, for the titles alone. I know nothing about these books or their authors but I find the titles most intriguing.

  7. So many books,, so little time; the idea of Miss Hyde intrigues me. I don’t want to meet her; just read about her.

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