Solstice Sunset, 12/21/14

A lovely way to go into the longest night of the year.

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  1. That’s lovely. I enjoyed Ohio’s hospitality this week on a trip to the Cincinnati area. Nice weather is rare here in the upper Midwest in December so we enjoy it when we get it.

  2. If you check the FRmer’s Almanac you’ll see the sun “pauses” for a few days; daylight doesn’t start to lengthen till the 27th. At least in my latitude ( which I share with John).

  3. John

    That’s wonderful, and I am truly grateful for this reminder that beauty walks with us just as much as ugliness does.

    As someone with multiple disabilities, some visible, some hidden, I have been pissed off by the way in which some people pay lip service to equality, but then simply use my and other people’s disabilities as cannon fodder in support of their desire to feel good about themselves, without, of course, actually having to do something to help people with disabilities.

    I had been feeling completely freaked out by Captain Awkward’s piece where the writer suggested that everything could be easily resoved by simply carrying a full grown man up and down stairs.

    People die, or become incurably crippled, as a result of that sort of advice, which is why doctors never give it.

    Disclosure of interest: my daughter is a doctor, a rheumatologist; she deals with a lot of people with muscoskeletal disorders arising from attempting to move patients. There is a vast quantity of research into the very high rate of disability suffered by nurses and others whose job it is to move patients; it takes 30 seconds on Google to see that, though obviously Captain Awkward and her guest blogger couldn’t spare the 30 seconds.

    After all, why should they? It’s not as if they are interested in actually helping someone when they could use her as a way, they thought, to demonstrate their superiority in the ableism stakes. And if that required sacrificing someone they were happy to do that.

    So, thank you John; you gave me beauty when I desperately needed it. Thank you!

  4. Enjoying your beautiful photo from the (warm, sunny, abundant-in-seafood) parallel dimension that is the Southern Hemisphere. I shall think of it fondly tonight when I am sitting on a beach after work…

  5. Congratulations, Mr Scalzi, on writing the thing which kicked off my SIWOTI fund for another year.


    No One
    Perth, Western Australia.

  6. WOW. That’s fantastic!

    Aside to Stevie: oh, thank Frigga, it’s not just me! My mother was an elder care specialist and a fierce advocate for lift teams; I read that column with my mouth dropping open.

  7. WOW.

    I have to laugh, though. Once upon a time, I did a painting of a person sitting on a mountainside, silhouetted against a sunset. One commenter complained: “Well, it’s pretty, but I don’t believe the colors.” No help when I told him I’d based it on my experience of bog-standard Colorado sunsets.

    Now, if I ever get that complaint again, I can just whip out this puppy: ALL THE COLORS…!

  8. The picture is indeed nice, but I like the new background on top even better. As an ex-Minnesotan living in the Low Country, I find myself yearning for snow this time of year.

  9. Magnificent photo~ I would love to see the original for comparison~ Also magnificent I’m sure~

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