Think of This as a Bonus Holiday Tale

Athena, Neil Gaiman and I talk about a duck, Other Fathers, and buttons.


8 Comments on “Think of This as a Bonus Holiday Tale”

  1. Never take sisters* from strangers – and there are few stranger than Mr Gaiman.

    *or ducks, for that matter!

  2. My friend, you need a better pic as your avatar. You look homeless. And even as an avid gamer, I must say, write more, play less. A few paragraphs a day is not a career.

  3. I’m sorry. I am sure karma arranges a meeting where I must apogize for at least half of that. :) write write write… And the. Edit.

  4. Literally a quarter century into my professional writing career, I am of course always delighted to have people I don’t know tell me what constitutes a writing career and what doesn’t, and how to spend my time.

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