The Sunsets of 2014

Merry Christmas.

And as is tradition, one from the other side of the day: your sunrise.

I hope you enjoy your day with friends and loved ones, or at least a fun video game.

17 Comments on “The Sunsets of 2014”

  1. Thank you! Getting to see these pictures today was a gift at least as exciting as the earrings someone gave me! (And those were frog earrings, so that’s saying a lot, coming from me.)

  2. Wait a second, I’m in Englewood visiting family (15 miles south of Troy) and have seen nothing but gray skies…

  3. They’re all lovely, but that latest one is fantastic. Hope your family is having a wonderful day. I go make pie now.

  4. You have the greatest clouds! I grew up in Colorado, not really appreciating them until I moved to Washington State. While I loved the rain, the grey clouds just didn’t lead to great sunsets (or sunrises on those rare days). When there was sun, the clouds . . . just weren’t as good. I’ve learned to love the clouds wherever I am (Idaho, presently), and appreciate those beautiful colors.

    Thank you for your words and pictures.

  5. Watch out, people! Some of them could be SUNRISES masquerading as sunsets! How would we ever know?

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