My Best Pun, Possibly Ever

Thank you, I will be here through December. Try the veal.

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  1. I guess you have to have heard the term beer goggles to appreciate the pun. I was only vaguely familiar with that term so I didn’t get the pun. Then I Googled for cheer goggles. A blog from 2009 ( explains it all; even if “cheer” in that case signified something a bit different than the meaning it has in your tweet.

    And I agree with DigitalAtheist. It isn’t really a pun if the punny word is nothing more than a rhyme of the word it is playing off of. It really has to sound the same. Like, “When is a door not a door (the first pun I ever heard) – when it is ajar.” Now that, sir, is a proper pun.

  2. My first wife’s excectations before Christmas used to be so off the chart that she couldn’t help but be disappointed afterwards. She, too, was always in a hurry to put the decorations away after Christmas failed to live up to her expectations.

  3. Hmmm. I will join the others on pointing out that is borderline as a pun.

    Nonetheless, the same phenomenon has been/is being observed in my house.

  4. Some people seem to have a rather narrow definition, which betrays a lack of appreciation for things paranomasiacal. (I am, sadly, married to a woman who, despite her many positive qualities, likewise fails to see any humor or value in punnery). But this was a masterwork, and I applaud you, sir: BOO!

  5. Hmmm. It doesn’t sink to the level of “hold one’s nose and flee screaming into the night”, but I’ll join markjreed in a hearty “BOO!!”

  6. (That’s not to say a spoonerism can’t also be a pun, as in the shaggy dog story whose punchline is “boyfoot bear with teak of Chan”.)

  7. John,

    I officially make you an honorary member of my family, who revels in bad (are there really any other kind?) puns. Also, if you don’t listen to ‘Says You!’ on NPR, you should, as I’m sure you’d appreciate the groaners they churn out on a weekly basis.

    Well played, sir.