Daily Archives: December 29, 2014

Today’s Best Twitter Correspondence

Dear @logitech: Your trackpad kept glitching for several days. Nothing seemed to help. However, I finally fixed it. pic.twitter.com/MQNIFosIdP — John Scalzi (@scalzi) December 29, 2014 @scalzi Hi John! Interesting approach. Did you try reaching out to customer support? http://t.co/tYv4YsY9mY — Logitech (@Logitech) December 29, 2014 As annoyed as I was with the trackpad, I […]

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Hell Yes, I’m a Feminist

A couple of years ago, I wrote a piece on my personal feminism, in which I noted that while I can be considered a feminist on the fundamental level of “women are entitled to the same rights and privileges as men, with everything that implies in terms of access to education, economic opportunity and personal liberty,” […]

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