Pet Pictures 2014 (Plus Bonus Ghlaghghee Update)

Here’s Ghlaghghee resting in a papasan chair in the basement, which has, post congestive heart failure, become her favorite place to hang out. I’m fine with this because it’s only a few steps from the litter box, and given that the medicine we feed to her twice daily is a diuretic, this means that the incidence of Randomly Appearing Cat Pee is greatly lessened. Plus, she’s all comfy and cosy, and I like that. Sick kitty needs to be happy.

The good news is she’s still with us, which I would not have counted on a couple of weeks ago. The less good news is that for the rest of her life I’ll be shoving medicine down her throat twice a day, which means that two times daily she is very intensely pissed off at me for several seconds. Which is sad for both of us, but not as sad as, you know, her not being here. And so it goes.

With that said, it was a fine year for pet pictures here at the Scalzi Compound. Here are some of my favorites, including a couple of pets who aren’t ours but who happened to find their way into my camera’s sights this year. Enjoy.



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