The 2015 Awards Consideration Post

Another year, another post to let those of you who vote for Hugos, Nebulas and other science fiction/fantasy awards know what I have have that is eligible for your consideration. This year, here are the goods:

Best Novel

Lock In, Tor Books, August 2014; Patrick Nielsen Hayden, editor.

Best Novella

Unlocked: An Oral History of Haden’s Syndrome,”, May 2014; Subterranean Press, October 2014

Aaaaaaand that’s pretty much it from me this year (which is not nothing, mind you; it’s more than 100,000 words). I did also write a super-short story for Popular Science (I think it was about 400 words) and of course wrote that erotic Watchmen fan fiction for the Shipwreck event. As fun as they are I’m not recommending either for award consideration. I thought I might also have a graphic novel and video game available for you in 2014, but they’re arriving in this calendar year. They’ll be worth the wait, however.

That said, for Hugo voters, allow me also to commend to you, in the category of Best Related Work, the song “Lock In,” music and lyrics by William Beckett, released to YouTube in August, 2014, and as a single in October 2014 by Equal Vision Records:

It’s really good, folks. I would be delighted to see it on the ballot.

In addition to reminding folks of the work I have out there, I generally put up a space for other folks eligible for award consideration to remind people of their work. I’ll put that up on Monday. Look for it then!

8 Comments on “The 2015 Awards Consideration Post”

  1. John – A correction for the post – the song came out in 2014, not 2015 as indicated in your post.

    Hope you have finally showered and had more than waffels to eat in 2015.

  2. [Deleted because as awesome as it was, and it was awesome, it’s also waaaay off topic for this particular thread. This is one of those things it’s just best to email me. Thanks! — JS]

  3. That was good, really good. Lots of instrumental voices (audio layers if you will) and lots of room for imagery.

  4. I read Lock In in a day, couldn’t put it down. It addressed social, political, technological issues while telling a great whodunnit. I wish you luck.

  5. I read Lock In in a day, yesterday!

    It was a great read. I really liked how you played with the multiple meanings of “lock in” to give layers of meaning to both title and text.

    I also like how you considered the Haden culture in a way analogous to Deaf culture, in some ways.

    Love the thing you did that you discussed in another post. You made it look so seamless, but it can’t have been easy to do as a writer in our culture.

    If you write more in this world, I am a buyer!

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