In Today’s Episode of “John Scalzis Who Are Not Me”

Please meet John Scalzi the professional boxer, having a fight in 1996. He’s in the red and he’s fighting against Kenny Caraballo in blue.

Spoiler: Scalzi (14 – 37), a welterweight, loses, although this particular fight doesn’t seem to be part of his official record. Caraballo, his opponent, would have a very short but reasonably impressive pro career: three fights, all won by TKO.

It’s funny what turns up on YouTube, basically.

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  1. I was one of three at the First International Jonathan Post Con, held within a Worldcon. You may know the UCLA Department Chair of English Literature (specializing in post-Elizabethan poetry), and the Philadelphia editor of that great book of maps from Fantasy novels. I intend to co-author with one of them “Doubles and Doppelgangers in Speculative Literature”, by Jonathan Post and Jonathan Post.

  2. The first time I googled my name the top hits were the recent obits of someone with the same name, who lived in a place I had lived in about a decade prior (which I had hated). For the next few years when I ran into someone I hadn’t seen for a while who’d say “But I thought you’d died!” I knew why they thought that way.

    FWIW, my doppelgänger wasn’t anything like me–basically a petty criminal living on the dole (Example–Him: high school dropout. Me: Two Masters.) Did show that either some people had a very low opinion of how my life had turned out, didn’t read beyond the headline, or didn’t retain anything but the headline.

  3. There are enough John T. Sheas on the Internet to take over the world! Our time will come! MMMWWWAAAHHHAAAHHHAAA!!!

  4. This fight isn’t part of his pro record because it’s an amateur fight. You can tell based on the fact that they are wearing jerseys and headgear. Not that you care, but the boxing nerd in me had to chime in.

    Interestingly, the guy fought out of my neck of the woods (western PA), although both his amateur and pro career mostly predate my involvement in boxing (also predating my knowledge of John Scalzi the author for that matter). Since his last few bouths were right around the time I started attending pro shows, I was curious enough to dig through my boxing memorabilia. Turns out I was actually at his last two fights!

    I was at the fights at 8/11/2005 in Chester, WV (titled, of all things, “Space Wars”) and the other on 12/9/2005, in Wheeling, WV. Both were first round knockout losses. I have program/bout sheets from both events, so if you want a copy and would get a kick out of it, let me know.

  5. Dear John,

    Bizarrely enough, there are multiple “Ctein”s out there. I learned this a handful of years back when a friend went looking for me on Facebook (where I wasn’t registered) and found three Ctein’s who were most definitely not me. One in Taiwan, one in Scandinavia and one in Australia. I managed to establish contact with the two in Taiwan and Scandinavia. We have a small but unquestionably elite mutual admiration society.

    pax / whatshisface

  6. Well that was a shocker. I self-Googled and found “Additionally, nude photos claiming to be of Hershberger were leaked…”.

  7. I’m married to Jim Murray. No, not that one, not that one either. Nor that one. The one that is a huge SF fan and dresses very loudly. Plus does design and layout.

  8. My alter ego is a politician in New Zealand. She seems pretty cool, even if I fill her name searches with SF/F now and then. I don’t know how *she* feels about our fictional alter-alter-ego in Steven Gould’s EXO, but that fictional Fran Wilde was A) a fun surprise and B) far cooler than me.

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