SF/F Authors/Editors/Artists/Fan Creators 2015 Award Awareness Post

For the last few of years, after noting my own award-eligible works, I’ve posted another thread for other folks in the science fiction and fantasy field to make potential award nominators aware of their works and/or personal award eligibility. It turned out to be pretty useful, so I’m doing it again this year. Right now! In this comment thread, even.

So if you’re a science fiction and fantasy author, editor, or artist: Tell us what works of yours (or if you in yourself) are eligible for award consideration this year. The site gets many thousands of visitors a day, many of whom nominate for Hugos/Nebulas/Other genre awards, so it’s a decent way to get the word out.

And now: Rules (posted word for word from last year)!

1. This thread is only for authors/artists/editors to promote their own works (or in the case of editors, the works they have edited). This includes people eligible for “fan writer” and “fan author” categories. If you’re not an author/artist/editor promoting your own work, don’t post on the thread. I’ll be doing a general recommendation thread later on in the year. Any comment not by an author/artist/editor promoting his/her own work will get snipped out. This is to keep the thread useful both to creators and to folks thinking about nominations.

2. Also, to be clear, this thread is for works of or relating to science fiction and fantasy. This includes Young Adult works and SF/F fandom-related works. If you’re not sure your particular work is eligible for awards this year, please check; this includes folks who are self-publishing. A general rule of thumb is that works published in the 2014 calendar year are eligible for consideration for this year’s awards nominations.

3. Authors/Artists/Editors: Feel free to either list your eligible works in the comments and/or link to a blog post outlining your eligible works, if you’ve already done the latter.

4. If you list your work, please also mention the category you expect it will be eligible in, to help folks with their nomination choices. My assumption is that generally speaking you’ll use the Hugo and Nebula categories, but if another award has a category outside those, feel free to list it too (for example, anthologies). Note to short fiction writers: This will be especially important for you to do this because people may not know whether to file your work into the short story, novelette or novella categories.

5. If you want to include links to your works, please feel free, but be aware that posts with many links may be initially punted into the moderation queue. Don’t panic when that happens, I’ll be going through regularly to free them. HOWEVER, please make sure that before you post, you check all your links and formatting.

6. One post per creator/editor, please.

So: Authors! Artists! Editors! What do you want people to keep in mind for this awards nomination season?

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  1. Follow this link to see what I have eligible this year.

    Also, before anyone asks, yes, if you have work eligible in the Hugo fan categories (fan writer, fan artist, fanzine, fancast) you may post about them in this thread.

    Also, because it will be asked: Short stories are up to 7,500 words; novelettes are 7,501 to 17,500; novellas are 17,501 to 40,000; novels are 40k and above.

    Otherwise, it’s up to you to find out whether your works are eligible for consideration this year. This is NOT the thread to ask. Do your own research, please. Google (or Bing, if you want to be crazy) is your friend.

  2. Bit of a strange year for me. It’s my second year of eligibility for the Campbell, but I don’t have any other eligible works– everything I’ve got cooking comes out this year. But still: second year of Campbell eligibility.

  3. I’m the co-editor of Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History. The anthology and its stories are variously eligible for several awards. I have a full rundown here:


    Our Big Idea post is here:


    I am tremendously grateful to everyone who’s read and recommended Long Hidden–it’s even showed up on a couple of year’s best lists!–and to anyone considering nominating either the book or the stories for awards. Thank you so much.

  4. I suspect my chances of a nomination are less than zero, but on the odd chance that anyone feels like checking me out, I wrote a novella and a novel this year, both of which would be eligible. You can read about my novella THE BENEVOLENCE ARCHIVES on my blog here:


    And you can read about my near-future Mars exploration novel, entitled SKYLIGHTS, here:


    I appreciate your consideration!

  5. I’ve had several short stories published this year, but here are the few I’m putting forth for consideration.

    Best Short Story category:

    A Debt Repaid, published in Lightspeed’s WDSF special issue: http://www.lightspeedmagazine.com/fiction/a-debt-repaid/

    Elsa’s Spheres, cover story for IGMS’s January issue: http://www.intergalacticmedicineshow.com/cgi-bin/mag.cgi?do=issue&vol=i37&article=_001

    Lenora of the Low, published in Fantasy for Good (which everyone should buy, regardless of my story, because all of the proceeds go to the Colon Cancer Alliance): http://www.amazon.com/Fantasy-Good-Charitable-George-Martin/dp/1938644204/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1420479219&sr=8-1&keywords=fantasy+for+good

    Thanks for the post, John!

  6. The short film “I Remember the Future,” based on my Nebula-nominated short story of the same name, is eligible in Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form.

    The film has been shown at a bunch of film festivals and already won a few awards.

    The film’s official website, including a trailer can be found here:

    There’s also a discussion with the director here:

    The film will be shown at Arisia this month, and probably Boskone next month. It was also shown at a meeting of the Baltimore Science Fiction Society a few months ago.

  7. Last year I had the mind-blowingly awesome pleasure of seeing the podcast I tech-produce and cohost, Verity!, on the Hugo ballot for Best Fancast. We’re eligible again this year, and I think we’ve only gotten better with a year of practice under our belt.

    If you like Doctor Who (and podcasts), I’d love if you gave us a listen:

  8. Just to piggyback on Rose’s comment above, for many of us Long Hidden also marked our first year of Campbell eligibility. A milestone I always hoped to reach, but Long Hidden made it happen far more quickly than I anticipated. Thanks again to Rose, Daniel, and Crossed Genres for such a wonderful project!

  9. I am eligible for Best Fan Writing, and Best Related Work. This year I launched my own review site, posting 150 reviews on it since it went live in, um, September, I think. A number of authors have mentioned sales bumps after I reviewed their books; I am sure if my site was better known, the sales bump would bigger. And a lot of people follow the Hugo.

  10. Three fantasy short stories published this year:

    The sword-and-sorcery story “Flame,” published at SFReader on 4/12/14:


    The sword-and-sorcery tale “To the Heart of the City,” published in the Summer 2014 issue of Kaleidotrope:


    And the Lovecraftian tale “The Only Game in Town,” read on episode 337 of The Drabblecast, 9/4/14, and appearing simultaneously on the site:


    (The text appears there, but if you’ve the time, I recommend scrolling down to the media player at the bottom of the page and listening to Norm Sherman’s fantastic interpretation.)

  11. Thanks for hosting this.

    Along with Thea James I have edited six stories. They can all be found here http://thebooksmugglers.com/book-smugglers-publishing/book-smugglers-publishing-fall-2014

    Eligible for best short story:

    Hunting Monsters by S. L. Huang

    In Her Head, In Her Eyes by Yukimi Ogawa

    Mrs Yaga by Michal Wojcik

    The Mussel Eater by Octavia Cade

    The Astronomer Who Met The North Wind by Kate Hall

    Eligible for Best Novelette:

    The Ninety-Ninth Bride by Catherine F King

    We have also co-edited the anthology – eligible for Best Related Work – Speculative Fiction 2013, a collection that celebrates the best in online Science Fiction and Fantasy non-fiction.

    The Book Smugglers ( http://www.thebooksmugglers.com ) is eligible for Best Semiprozine this year.

    Thanks for considering!

  12. Thank you, John!

    My novel Our Lady of the Islands, collaboratively written with the late Jay Lake, came out in December. It’s received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Library Journal; Publishers Weekly also named it one of their Best Books of 2014.

    The Big Idea piece is here:

    It’s a fantasy novel with two middle-aged female protagonists, set in a previously-unexplored corner of Jay’s “Green” universe. You don’t need to be familiar with Jay’s other work to enjoy Our Lady; it is its own story.

    It is also one of Jay’s last books. I would love it if it got some award attention. Thank you, everyone!

  13. Thank you for this roundup!

    I’m in my second year of Campbell eligibility. These are my short story and novelette length works that I would like people to nominate:

    I’m also eligible in Best Fan Writer, this year I mostly focused on my Twitter recommendations series #diversestories and #diversepoems. I also assembled the Diverse Editors List – here is an essay about this from Strange Horizons:

    As for poetry, I’m also eligible for the Rhysling award. This was probably my strongest piece this year (it’s animated – click on “Proceed”):

  14. Thanks for the space for this, John!

    Eligible as a 2014 Novella: Claudius Rex (my SF homage to the Nero Wolfe mysteries) was in Paper Golem Press’s Alembical 3 Anthology, available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble among other fine sources.

    I had several short stories in 2014, of which I’ll just mention two:
    Still Life with Oranges (Lakeside Circus)
    No Body (Penumbra)

    This is my second year of Campbell eligibility.

  15. Thanks, John, for making this available! I’m excited that I actually have something I can list here.

    My short story THE GRAVEYARD SLOT appeared in Big Pulp’s BLACK CHAOS zombie anthology in June, and is eligible. If I got even one vote, I’d be pretty astounded and over the moon.

    To read the whole story you’d have to purchase the anthology here: http://www.amazon.com/Black-Chaos-Milo-James-Fowler/dp/0989681211 but you can read a brief excerpt at my blog: http://christopherkeelty.com/the-graveyard-slot-an-excerpt/

    Thanks again, and good luck everyone!

  16. I had five award-eligible publications this year:

    “The End of the Silk Road” (SF novelette) in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, magazine edited by Gordon Van Gelder, May/June 2014

    “A Practical Mechanism for Overcoming the Directionality of Temporal Flow” (SF short story) in HELP FUND MY ROBOT ARMY!!! and Other Improbable Crowdfunding Projects, anthology edited by John Joseph Adams, July 2014

    “Goat Eyes” (fantasy short story) in Black Static #42, magazine edited by Andy Cox, October 2014

    “Cry Wolf” (SF novelette) in Lowball, mosaic novel edited by George R. R. Martin and Melinda M. Snodgrass, November 2014

    “Mammals” (SF short story) in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, magazine edited by Trevor Quachri, December 2014

    Thanks for your consideration!

  17. Timing! My post about my eligible works goes up Wednesday! On my blog, here, if you want to check then: https://carriev.wordpress.com/

    I have a bunch of eligible stuff — I had a lot of stuff come out last year. So yeah, the list’ll be up Wednesday. Sorry for the bad timing.

  18. I’m in my second year of Campbell eligibility.
    As a Canadian, I’m eligible for the Aurora Awards.
    I published seven short stories this year. My favourites were:
    “Bonsaiships of Venus” (Lackington’s)
    “The Semaphore Society” (Crossed Genres)
    “Cattail Heart” (Daily Science Fiction)
    Links to those stories and to the rest are in my round-up post: http://heartfieldfiction.com/2014/12/07/stories-2014/
    Thanks again for doing this.

  19. Thanks, John!

    I had a few things out last year, but the one I’d like to promote is Invisible, a collection of essays about representation in SF/F that’s eligible for the Hugo Award for Best Related Work. It includes pieces from Mark Oshiro, Katharine Kerr, Susan Jane Bigelow, Michi Trota, and many more.

    I was blown away by the powerful, personal, and important stories people shared. The anthology has raised $500 for the Carl Brandon Society so far, which is pretty damn awesome.

    Many of the essays are also available online. I collected those links here.

    If anyone who’ll be Hugo nominating this year would like a review copy, please email me at jchines -at- sff.net and I’ll be happy to send you a copy in .epub or .mobi format.

  20. I posted my eligibility list to my own blog – http://desperance.livejournal.com/1171333.html – but in the interests of luring people to click through, let me add that the short story has been picked by Gardner for his Year’s Best, the novel had a rave review in the NYT and the collection had starred reviews from both PW and Kirkus. Respectively, they treat with the British Empire on Mars, a ghost story without a ghost, and queer spec-fic of various varieties…

  21. My eligible works include:

    Sleepy Hollow: Children of the Revolution (Broadway Books/Random House)

    “Fish Out of Water,” in Out of Tune, edited by Jonathan Maberry (JournalStone)
    “Time Keeps on Slippin’,” in Stargate SG-1/Atlantis: Far Horizons, edited by Sally Malcolm (Fandemonium Books)

    Short Story:
    “Stone Cold Whodunit,” in With Great Power, edited by John L. French & Greg Schauer (Dark Quest Books)

    Related Work:
    Star Trek: The Klingon Art of War (Gallery Books/Simon & Schuster)
    the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch (Tor.com)

    Yes, there’s media tie-in work there. They’re eligible for Hugos and Nebulas too! Really!

    —Keith R.A. DeCandido

  22. My second humourous science fiction novel, You Can’t Kill the Multiverse (But You Can Mess With its Head) was published by Elsewhen Press in 2014. I believe that that make it eligible for Hugos and Nebulae and such. The basic premise is that different teams of investigators from the Transdimensional Authority go to different universes to investigate the appearance of technology that doesn’t belong in those universes. Could the different investigations be connected somehow? (Why, yes, yes, they could. Wouldn’t want to leave potential readers hanging…)

    One of the features of You Can’t Kill the Multiverse is an appearance by a Michael Moorock character. If you are going to read the novel, be sure to skip over the copyright page because a note about Moorcock’s permission on that page will spoil your discovery of which of his characters it is (although astute Moorcock fans should be able to guess from the first chapter).

    You Can’t Kill the Multiverse (But You Can Mess With its Head) is set in the same multiverse as my first novel, Welcome to the Multiverse (Sorry for the Inconvenience). It is available from Amazon and on the Elsewhen Press Web site (http://elsewhen.co.uk/). While there, be sure to check out their other titles; Elsewhen is a small British press that has already published a lot of really interesting science fiction and fantasy.


  23. 2014 was a huge year for me, my first Big Year since publishing a pair of stories in 2009 and 2011. For a comprehensive post about my eligible works, check out my blog posthttp://improbableauthor.com/2015/01/01/for-your-consideration/

    In brief, in the Short Story category, I would direct you to “The Rememberists” published in Daily Science Fiction on July 15th http://dailysciencefiction.com/hither-and-yon/alternative-history/thomas-a-mays/the-rememberists

    Also in the Short Story category we have “Within This Horizon” published in the RIDING THE RED HORSE anthology, email me at amaysingstories@gmail.com for a review copy.

    In amateur press, in the Short Story category, Liberty Island Magazine published “The X-MAS Truce”https://www.libertyislandmag.com/creator/thmays/content.html?ln=the1011000100110110000011010011truce

    I also self-published a collection that has sold well and been well reviewed, including the featured story “Dogcatcher Blues”. Please email me for a review copy or check out the collection REMO on Amazon.

    Lastly, in the Best Novel category, I’d respectfully like to submit my indie-published hard SF / military sci-fi / space opera A SWORD INTO DARKNESS, with over 30,000 sales and 349 reviews on Amazon with 4.4 stars. The Amazon link is herehttp://www.amazon.com/Sword-Into-Darkness-Thomas-Mays-ebook/dp/B00I3T3Q5G/ and you can email me for a review copy.

    Happy reading!

  24. As always, John, thanks for doing this! Two things from me last year, with way more to come in 2015: in the Best Short Story category, “The Lost Sweeper of Caldon,” in Time Traveled Tales, Vol. 2, published by Silence in the Library (http://www.silenceinthelibrarypublishing.com/product/time-traveled-tales-vol-2/). And for Best Fancast, Speculate! The Podcast for Writers, Readers and Fans, which Brad Beaulieu and I co-host, had its fourth year of production last year, and we’re very pleased with its reception in the SFF community; we’d love to see it get nominated (http://www.speculatesf.com). Thanks again!

  25. I published my first short story this year in Galaxy’s Edge Magazine, Fragmented. Sadly, it’s not online anymore, but you can purchase digital and POD copies from Amazon and the magazine itself.

    I’m also the editor of War Stories: New Military Science Fiction, which includes stories from Joe Haldeman, Karin Lowachee, Ken Liu, Linda Nagata, James L. Cambias, and quite a few others. Details: http://www.apexbookcompany.com/products/war-stories

    I think that can be listed under Best Related Work for the Hugos, but the short stories (and a couple of novelettes) can be considered in their own categories, which I’d recommend.

  26. Short Story: “Summer Home,” December 2014 Asimov’s. What makes my story prize-worthy is that it’s intense and really short.

  27. Thanks John!

    My best short story this year is “Copy Machine” from the June issue of Flash Fiction Online.

    Be warned, there are clones, and love, and possibly a little Justin Bieber. Also, a picture of ninjas.

  28. Thank you, John, for letting us call attention to our works.

    Spiral Path is an alternative history fantasy novel eligible for both young adult and novel category awards for Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy, and Andre Norton. It is available in ebook at the SFWA site (for SFWA members) and for sale at all major Internet booksellers. It is also available in trade paperback from Amazon and B&N.

    Published by Book View Café/Dragonrain Studio on September 16, 2014


    “The world is woven of secrets.”

    I was born with lightning in one hand and mercy in the other, but what I need is the pattern to my tapestry of power.

    Danger drove me from the primeval American wilderness to Windward Academy, where the Wizard of Manhattan offers me one last chance to learn magical control.

    Windward–where every word, every breath is a test. Every lesson can be deadly. And every challenge can explode out of the schoolroom and into the realms of demons.

    Sometimes a shadow is so dark it arrives before the sun.

    “enjoy the total immersion in Kimbriel’s alternate early America”
    Publishers Weekly

  29. My epic fantasy, Amaskan’s Blood, is eligible for the Hugo Awards (Best Novel category). Since it was released this week by Grey Sun Press, it won’t be eligible for 2015’s World Fantasy Award, but will for 2016.

    Interested folks can find out more about the novel, read excerpts, etc. here:

  30. I had a new novel out in 2014, THE LASCAR’S DAGGER (my 11th book) which means that I am eligible for any fantasy novel category. It’s the first book of a new trilogy THE FORSAKEN LANDS, and the inspiration for it comes from the 18th century spice trade and my 30+ years living in South-east Asia.

    I’ve been short listed for the Aurealis Best Fantasy Novel of the year 7 times so far — but never won yet! (Aurealis are the Australian SF/F awards). Some links here: http://glendalarke.com/the-forsaken-lands/the-lascars-dagger/

    Thanks for this, John. I look forward to your visit to my home state — see you at Swancon!

  31. The Loncon 3 Artist Showcase book – 100 pages of full colour bios and artworks from artists taking part in the Loncon 3 Art Show – is eligible in Best Related Work. (I wouldn’t usually post about this, but I’m conscious many people may not think to realise that Worldcon publications are themselves Hugo-eligible). This was the third time (after 2011/2012) that this book has been produced and the team was delighted with the quality and the doubled page count this year. It’s a great way to celebrate the artists who took part in the Show. A PDF is available at http://www.loncon3.org/art-showcase.php.

  32. Thank you, John.

    In 2014, I wrote around 480 SF/F microstories on Twitter, plus six short stories. Taken as a whole, I reckon this makes me eligible for the “Best Fan Writer” Hugo category, despite being for fandom rather than about. I’m a fan, I’m writing for fans, and it’s all unprofessional ;-)

    If that’s a stretch, the short stories I’ve written are eligible for “Best Short Story” (none are longer than that). They are listed in a post here: http://microsff.tumblr.com/post/107255555775/summary-of-the-year-and-nominatability

    From there you can also find all my microstories, and my Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts.

  33. I edit at Crossed Genres — I’d like to call attention to a couple of stories there:

    My Life as a Lizard, by David Stevens (Link: http://crossedgenres.com/magazine/015-my-life-as-a-lizard/ )

    Makeisha in Time, Rachael K. Jones (Link: http://crossedgenres.com/magazine/020-makeisha-in-time/ )

    Mabo, Megan Chaudhuri (Link: http://crossedgenres.com/magazine/022-mabo/ )

    The Wold and The Dragon, Mary Thaler (Link: http://crossedgenres.com/magazine/024-the-wolf-and-the-dragon/ )

    Thanks, John!

  34. This is my first year of eligibility for the Campbell award. I’ve also got a couple of short stories eligible for Hugos, Nebulas, etc (and, because I’m from Melbourne, eligible for the Ditmar and Chronos awards).

    “Clean Hands, Dirty Hands” in Aurealis #71 (which got a three star rating on the Tangent Recommended Reading list).

    “The Box Wife” in Shock Totem #9.

    “Zip” in Bastion Magazine #5.

    You can find links to everything on my site:


    Thank you for posting the thread!

  35. Not sure if I would be eligible for anything, being a Canadian, but I did have one short story, “The Broken Places” published in Bastion Science Fiction Magazine’s June Issue (http://www.bastionmag.com/previous/). I’ve thrown my hat into the Aurora ring, but this is the first year I’ve had a professional sale of any of my stories, in, like, forever. So I’m a total N00b.

  36. I had two pieces of short fiction come out in 2014.

    “Artifice,” Analog Science Fiction and Fact, September 2014. (Short story.)

    “Containment Zone: A Seastead Story,” The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, May/June 2014. (Novelette.)

  37. I have two eligible short stories for consideration:

    “The Wings The Lungs, The Engine The Heart” – Galaxy’s Edge #9 July/August 2014, edited by Mike Resnick (and to be reprinted in The Mammoth Book of Dieselpunk in 2015, edited by Sean Wallace)

    “Unfilial Child” – Streets of Shadows anthology, edited by Maurice Broaddus and Jerry Gordon

  38. I am eligible this year with short stories, poems, and as Best Fan Writer. Here is my award eligibility post: http://roselemberg.net/?p=1127

    “A City on Its Tentacles” in Lackington’s is probably my favorite short story this year (amazing octopus art by Galen Dara!) http://lackingtons.com/2014/02/13/a-city-on-its-tentacles-by-rose-lemberg/

    Not quite sure which poem is my favorite (the eligibility post has links), but “Baba Yaga Tries To Donate Money” at Apex is funny, if you’d like to check it out; it’s about the dangers of crowdfunding: http://www.apex-magazine.com/baba-yaga-tries-to-donate-money/

    Thank you, John, for this opportunity!

  39. I’m eligible for Best Fan Writer. My most notable fan writing this year was on the subject of Marion Zimmer Bradley, breaking her daughter Moira’s story of sexual abuse by her mother.

    I’m also eligible for Best Fan Artist. I’ve designed three t-shirts for John Scalzi last year, as well as numerous other things.

    My longest shot is for Best Short Story. My short story, “The Duchess’s Dress,” is currently free on Kindle Unlimited.

    Links to posts and other stuff in my own award consideration post:

  40. My novel A Darkling Sea came out last January from Tor, and so is eligible this year. All the reviews I’ve seen have been very favorable — the Washington Post called it one of the 5 best SF/Fantasy books of the year and Publishers Weekly listed it as one of their top 14 for 2014 in the category. It’s now available in softcover for cheapskates and audiobook for people who prefer that format. Amazon has it here: http://www.amazon.com/Darkling-Sea-James-L-Cambias/dp/0765336278

  41. I think Cooking the Books (podcast and interviews) may be eligible for Related Work and/or Podcast. Info & catalog is here: https://franwilde.wordpress.com/cooking-the-books/

    Three short stories for consideration: “The Topaz Marquis” in BCS July 2014 (http://www.beneath-ceaseless-skies.com/stories/the-topaz-marquise/), “Like a Wasp to the Tongue” in Asimov’s April/May 2014, and the very brief “Welcome Briefing…” at A&A October 2014 (http://www.abyssapexzine.com/2014/09/welcome-briefing/)

    PS Karen Burnham’s _Greg Egan_ is brilliant.

    Thanks, John!

  42. Thanks, John!

    I’m the Co-Editor-in-Chief of Uncanny Magazine. The following stories from Uncanny Magazine Issue 1 are eligible in the short story category of the different awards:

    Presence by Ken Liu

    If You Were a Tiger, I’d Have to Wear White by Maria Dahvana Headley

    Late Nights at the Cape and Cane by Max Gladstone

    Migration by Kat Howard

    Celia and the Conservation of Entropy by Amelia Beamer

    The Boy Who Grew Up by Christopher Barzak


    I’m also a member of the Verity! Doctor Who podcast, which is eligible in the Best Fancast Hugo Award category.


    Finally, I am still eligible in the Best Editor Short Form Hugo Award category.

  43. Thanks for this John.
    I acquired and edited 14 stories and novelettes published on Tor.com in 2014:

    I edited the following anthologies published in 2014:

    The Best Horror of the Year volume six (Night Shade)
    Lovecraft’s Monsters (Tachyon)
    Fearful Symmetries (Chizine)-all original
    Nightmare Carnival (Dark Horse)-all original
    Women Destroy Horror (Nightmare mag)-all original
    The Cutting Room (Tachyon)

  44. Thanks for providing this forum for authors!

    I have two works for consideration.

    For Best Novel:

    Mad Tinker’s Daughter.

    In a world where humans are a slave race, there are only two options: serve, or fight. Can a mad tinker add a third option: escape?

    Cadmus Errol is the greatest inventor that Tellurak has ever known. His clockwork graces the spires of cities across the world. Yet in another, darker world, he lives the life of a slave. There, humanity is held underfoot, bound in service to the victors of a war fought untold generations ago. It will take all the wits and resources of the best that humanity can muster to break that hold. Can Cadmus Errol, the Mad Tinker, be the one to free them all?


    For Best Novella:

    A Pilot’s Pilot (Black Ocean, Mission 1)

    Science to build a starship. Wizardry to take it past light speed. A crew to give it a soul.

    A routine salvage job turns into a rescue mission, and a good deed never goes unpunished. With two refugees aboard, Captain Carl Ramsey finds that his ship, the Mobius, has a target painted on its hull. Someone is after the new passengers, and willing to stop at nothing to get them back.

    With his ex-wife as pilot, a drunken mechanic, a predatory bodyguard, and an outcast wizard from the Convocation, what’s a captain to do? Just get paid for the job, and try to keep everyone alive. That’s all you can ever ask, really.


    Anyone interested in review copies can get in touch with me via my site.

  45. John, thank you so much for doing this again!

    I have two SF pieces that are eligible for the “Best Short Story” category this year.

    King Tide, which appeared on Motherboard’s “Terraform”, about a young woman’s nostalgia for drier times in a drowned near-future Brooklyn


    Authenticy Soup, part of The Sockdolager’s “You Gotta Wear Shades” anthology, about historical reenactment and a not-especially-well-planned camping trip on Mars


    Again, thank you! Excited to look through everything else that’s been linked here!

  46. I co-edited the anthology “Redwing” which came out a few weeks ago:


    It’s eligible for the World Fantasy Awards (Anthology) – why not dream big, eh? Being Canadian, we’re also eligible for the Auroras, under Best Related Work (English).

    Also, my poem “Leap” in the Winter 2014 issue of Star*Line is eligible for the Rhysling (Best Short Poem). It was one of the Editor’s Choice poems, so you can read it here:


  47. Thanks for this thread, John. I’ve already used it to prime my list of things/people to nominate.

    I have a single award-eligible work: my debut historic fantasy novel Daughter of Mystery, a Regency-era adventure where the line between mysticism and magic is the key to a young woman’s future and the fate of the throne.

    It’s apt to fly under people’s radar in equal parts because it’s marketed to look like a romance, and because it’s put out by Bella Books, a lesbian small press.

  48. Thanks for hosting! I’ve got two works out this year:

    Novelette: The Litany of Earth is about a Lovecraftian monster trying to recover from, and learn to live with, some very human monsters in the aftermath of World War II. It’s gotten a few nods in best-of-2014 lists, and praise from people who love Lovecraft, hate Lovecraft, and have never bothered to read Lovecraft at all. No idea how I did that.

    Short story: Seven Commentaries on an Imperfect Land is about what it might look like if the fantasy world isn’t hidden behind a portal, but is instead here already waiting to be noticed. It’s also a bit of a Jewish love letter to Narnia.

  49. Shilling as ordered, sir.

    Here’s what I published in 2014.

    (and among the short fiction, I have to say, I’m particularly proud of “This Chance Planet” and “Covenant.” In case anyone was wondering.)



    Short Fiction:

    “This Chance Planet,” Tor.com, October 22, 2014 (Ellen Datlow, ed.)
    “The Hand is Quicker”, The Book of Silverberg, Gardner Dozois, ed., 2014 (novelette)
    “You’ve Never Seen Everything,” The End is Now, John Joseph Adams and Hugh Howey, ed., 2014
    “Terroir,” Harvest Season, Bill Roper, ed., November 2014 (novelette)
    “Covenant,” Hieroglyph,Kathryn Cramer and Edward Finn, ed., October 2014
    “No Place to Dream, But a Place to Die,” Upgraded, Neil Clarke ed., September 2014
    “Madame Damnable’s Sewing Circle,” Dead Man’s Hand, John Joseph Adams, ed., 2014

    Shadow Unit:

    “Dark Leader,” with Emma and Will
    “Asylum,” with Chelsea
    “Something’s Gotta Eat T. Rexes,” with Emma and Steve


    Steles of the Sky, Tor (edited by Beth Meacham) (Eternal Sky, book 3)
    One-Eyed Jack, Prime Books (edited by Paula Guran)

    Modesty blushes, but authors dare not. Therefor I shall also under the Wheel of Time rule, both Shadow Unit as a whole (!!all million+ words of it) and the Eternal Sky trilogy as a whole are both eligible in the Hugo Best Novel category.

  50. Thanks so much for hosting these posts, John!

    I have one award-eligible work this year: my short story “A Burglary, Addressed By A Young Lady,” published in the Women Destroy Science Fiction! special issue of Lightspeed Magazine.

  51. Thanks, as always, for the digital real estate, John!

    My second novel, THE ENCELADUS CRISIS, came out in 2014 from Night Shade Books. I’m also in my second year of eligibility for the Campbell.

    I did a blog post pointing out my stuff, and some worthy works I enjoyed last year, on my blog: http://michaeljmartinez.net/2015/01/03/for-your-consideration-other-peoples-stuff/

    Many thanks for the consideration. If you have a say in any of the awards, please exercise your voting rights, no matter whom or what you vote for. The folks who create stuff appreciate it!

  52. I have 2 works this year that are eligible for the Hugos and Nebulas as short stories:

    1. Dino Mate – Analog (December 2014)

    2. Zombie Limbo Master – Bastion (May 2014)

    My thanks to John for this opportunity.

  53. I am not eligible for “Axe of Rage: Comity of the Superbike (Axe of Rage Chronicles 1)” or “Lethal Tender: Dead Men Tell no Lei” or “Love, in Game Journalism Actually” or “The Beast of All Possible Woods” or “Haecceity on its Knees!” or “Twelve Braw Tales” or “IT’S ABOUT NETFLIX IN GRAND JURYISM, ACTUALLY,” or “#AmRotting” or “A FTW Good Men” or “Will U Still Wuv Me If I Let The Bed” or “Apps from the 1001 Nights” or “You Have Nothing To Loop But Your BlockChain” or “The Boos of all Possible W00Ts” I just wish I was :( Maybe nxt yr

  54. Crossed Genres Publications has two anthologies, LONG HIDDEN and FIERCE FAMILY, the stories, editors and whole of which are eligible for various awards. Crossed Genres Magazine, its editors, and its stories are also eligible! We’ve put together a post with details:


    Thanks for considering us! And thanks to John for hosting this page, and for having the LONG HIDDEN editors on The Big Idea back in May!

  55. This is my last year for eligibility for the Campbell Award. My two eligible short stories are:

    Meltdown in Freezer Three, in the November issue of The Journal of Unlikely Entomology. It’s about an autistic woman who runs an ice cream truck business, with the help of her beloved insect service animal, Macy. This story is also eligible for the Hugo and Nebula Awards. http://www.unlikely-story.com/stories/meltdown-in-freezer-three-by-luna-lindsey/

    And Touch of Tides, in Crossed Genres in the August 2013 issue. It’s about a scientist studying life under the ice of Jupiter’s moon, Europa, and using her inborn synesthesia to make a historic breakthrough discovery. It’s from last year, though, so Campbell only! http://crossedgenres.com/magazine/008-touch-of-tides/

    Thanks, John!

  56. Hi folks. I’m the producer of The Incomparable, which is a weekly appraisal of genre books, movies, TV shows, games, comics, and other stuff. There’s no industry news or anything, each episode focuses specifically on a work (or works).

    We won the Parsec award a few years back for best fan podcast and would appreciate your consideration in the Hugo’s Best Fancast category. (Though the podcast does have some sponsors, after a long conversation last year most people seem to feel it qualifies as a Fancast and not as a Related Work.)

    You can check it out at http://www.theincomparable.com/theincomparable/

  57. My thanks to Scalzi for this. In previous years, I’ve taken the safe option and kept quiet.


    EARTH STAR, the second book in the Earth Girl SF trilogy, published in April in the USA by Pyr.

    EARTH FLIGHT, the final book in the Earth Girl SF trilogy, published in August worldwide excluding USA by Harper Voyager. (It will be published in the USA by Pyr on 8th September 2015.)

    SHORT FICTION free to read at http://www.janetedwards.com :-

    These are a set of prequel Earth Girl short stories, intended to give existing readers a glimpse into the varied backgrounds of the characters, while being suitable for readers new to the 28th century worlds of the Earth Girl books.

    EARTH 2788 – The title short story featuring Jarra.

    ALPHA SECTOR 2788 – Short story featuring Dalmora.

    BETA SECTOR 2788 – Novelette featuring Lolia.

    GAMMA SECTOR 2788 – Short story featuring Krath.

    DELTA SECTOR 2788 – Short story featuring Fian.

    EPSILON SECTOR 2788 – Short story featuring Amalie.

    KAPPA SECTOR 2788 – Novelette featuring Colonel Riak Torrek.

    ZETA SECTOR 2788 – Novelette featuring Major Drago Tell Dramis.

  58. Thanks, John.

    Over on my blog (http://j.mp/Schoen2015AwardPitch) I’ve posted about my eligible work. Here’s a summary:

    I’ve been writing light and humorous stories and novels about the Amazing Conroy, a stage hypnotist (in spaaaaace), for the last fifteen years. Two years ago, I wrote a novella in this universe and it garnered a Nebula nomination. The following year, I did it again, and again landed on the Nebula ballot. As part of my glorious attempt to keep going after lightning with the same bottle, in 2014 I wrote a third Amazing Conroy novella, Calendrical Regression, and if you follow the link above you can download a copy for free.

    I hope you like it.

  59. Oh hey. I published three short stories last year:

    “Francisca Montoya’s Almanac of Things That Can Kill You,” in Lightspeed (http://www.lightspeedmagazine.com/fiction/francisca-montoyas-almanac-of-things-that-can-kill-you/)

    “The Invasion Commander’s Motion for New Business,” in Day One (http://www.amazon.com/Invasion-Commanders-Motion-Business-Short-ebook/dp/B00KH7Z7KO/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1408485699&sr=1-1&keywords=shaenon+garrity)

    “To Whatever,” in Drabblecast (http://www.drabblecast.org/2014/08/17/drabblecast-335-whatever/)

    And Skin Horse, the daily webcomic I do with cowriter Jeffrey Wells (http://skin-horse.com/), is eligible for comics awards.

  60. I’m the assistant editor of Hugo award winning podcast StarShipSofa. It won the Hugo award back in 2010 (I’ve just started editing it roughly 12) weeks ago, so I’m pretty damn sure it’s eligible again.

    You can find it here:


    Also, all my short stories published in 2014 should be eligible. They can be all be found here:


    But if I had to pick one, then it would be this one, “A Dome of Chrome”, published by On The Premises Magazine:


    Thanks for doing this, John. Everyone have a round!

    – Jeremy

  61. Hi all,

    I’m John Joseph Adams, the series editor of Best American Science Fiction & Fantasy. I am also the editor of many other anthologies, such as The Mad Scientist’s Guide to World Domination, Armored, Brave New Worlds, Wastelands, and The Living Dead. Recent books include The Apocalypse Triptych (consisting of The End is Nigh, The End is Now, and The End Has Come), Robot Uprisings, and Dead Man’s Hand. I’m a winner of the Hugo Award (for which I have been nominated eight times) and am also a six-time World Fantasy Award finalist. I am also the editor and publisher of the digital magazines Lightspeed and Nightmare, and am a producer for WIRED’s The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast.

    Here’s a list of all of the eligible material I worked on in 2014, with links to where you can read material for free, and an offer of additional digital materials for registered Hugo voters:


  62. The collection of critical essays I edited with Kim Stanley Robinson, GREEN PLANETS: ECOLOGY AND SCIENCE FICTION, is eligible for the “Best Related Work” category:


    The book is an attempt to bring attention to major works of ecological SF, as well as apply ecological and environmentalist thinking to works of SF. Both Stan and I would appreciate your consideration.

  63. For the 2nd year, I would like announce that my photos of the 2014 Hugo Award Ceremonies and associated events, considered as a collection, are eligible in the Best Related Work category.

    The photos are public and should not require a yahoo account to view. Though comments and viewing of original sized versions are restricted to those with a Yahoo account.


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