Holy Cow, I Forgot to Post Today

I’ve been busy! Writing novels!

By way of apology, have this excellent Joan Armatrading song. She’s great.

6 Comments on “Holy Cow, I Forgot to Post Today”

  1. John, I can’t help wondering — when you say ‘novels,’ you don’t mean you were writing two different things, do you? I mean, certainly I imagine you’re talented enough to do that, and I imagine if that’s what’s called for to get stuff done by deadline, you would. I just think it would probably be really hard to shift creative gears like that.

  2. Working so hard that you don’t have time to play on the internet is not something you generally have to apologize for, is it? Unless you make a habit of it.

  3. Personally, I am glad that you were too busy to post. For you have just introduced me to a wonderful artist I have not heard of before. So thank you!

  4. Me neither! Oh wait, I don’t have a blog. Just Facebook, where I haven’t posted in weeks. And I’m not writing novels either, just ‘dicking off’ as Stephen King famously put it.

  5. Thank you for reminding me of Joan Armatrading. I haven’t listened to her albums in quite some time. I saw her in concert omg 30+ years ago. Tremendous passion and emotion in her songs, in her voice … Playing now … thank you.

  6. Apology accepted. If you need to apologize for anything else in the future, posting more Joan is the right move.

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