Back from Confusion ’15

Krissy, trapped by the insidious Large Inflatable Football Helmet, at Confusion 2015

I attended the Confusion convention the first time in 2005; Old Man’s War had just come out and I wanted to see what a convention that was not a WorldCon was like. I picked Confusion because it was relatively nearby (3 hours driving, which is nothing to a native Californian) and because it looked interesting. I had a great time, and the people there were lovely to a newbie author such as myself, so I kept going. I haven’t missed one since, including the one that wrapped up today, with Karen Lord as the author guest of honor (she was fantastic).

I tend to think of Confusion as my “home” con (along with Penguicon, another Michigan convention; the two conventions share a lot of staff) which means I treat it differently than many other cons. For example, I will frequently show up to it and do no programming at all; I’ll just hang out in the bar and chat with friends. I did some programming this year, but not a lot. I don’t worry about promoting myself there; I’m just there to relax and be with people I like. In short, it’s the convention I experience as a “fan” just as much — if not more so — as I experience it as a pro.

I brought my Nikon with me this year to take some pictures of the convention and also of a fencing expedition I want on with a few other authors and friends courtesy of Subterranean Press; if you’re curious what this year’s edition of festivities looked like, here’s the photo set. Enjoy.

And yes, I’ll be back next year too — provided they don’t counter-schedule it with Arisia, at which I will be a guest of honor in 2016. Hopefully they won’t; I would hate to miss my home convention.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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As a local Metro Detroiter, Confusion is one of my local cons as well. I’ve been attending since 1992 and have only missed two. One of which funny enough was your first in 2005 (the other was 2008), ConFusion is indeed a great con with lots of excellent varied programming and fantastic parties. I would recommend it to anyone. The other local cons I commute back and forth to from home, but for ConFusion I spring for a room!

I didn’t attend any of your panels, John, but I did see/pass both you and Krissy in the hallways once or twice. I’m one of the faceless multitude who waved and said “Hi!” as you passed, LOL. Hope to see you again next year!,

Épée is the best! Everything you stab counts! Plus, the equipment is easier, which I’m sure was also a consideration for a big group of beginners.

It was a good con. Penguicon has been getting crowded lately, but Confusion is the perfect size. Having some of the room parties in unused rooms was a brillant idea.

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