New Books and ARCs, 1/19/15

And now I’m catching up to new books and ARCs that have arrived here at the Scalzi Compound since the turn of the year. Here’s the first batch! See something that catches your fancy? Tell me what it is in the comments.

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  1. I had a review copy stolen in the mail last week. Someone postal worker, somewhere, tore open the envelope, pulled the book out and resealed it, and the empty envelope was actually delivered to me. You’d think that sort of thing would be more common, but in 10 years this was a first.

    I have no idea how many other books may have been stolen, envelope and all. Probably plenty.

  2. Holly Black’s “The Darkest Part of the Forest”! Loved “The Poison Eaters and Other Stories”. And in general, thanks for listing/showing titles–it gives me a great place to go when I want to try something I’m unfamiliar with.

  3. I realize “The Deep” is the title and “Nick Cutter” is the author, but doesn’t it look like it all goes together? “The Deep Nick Cutter” could absolutely be a thing.

  4. I’ve heard some great things about The Magician’s Lie but I am always intrigued by anything to do with the Galapagos so either one sound good to me.

  5. Read Galapagos Regained as soon as it was available. Love James Morrow. Not as happy with the quasi-Victorian diction, but the over-the-top picaresque adventures are wonderful. Tortoises! Noah’s Ark! Gregor Mendel! Pierre Teilhard de Chardin! Rosalind Franklin! Steam-powered dirigibles!Man-made volcanoes! Piranas! Soapy Sam Wilberforce! Hashish-fueled time-travel (or, perhaps, not)!

    Anyway, now reading The Philosopher’s Apprentice, which I somehow missed.

  6. Done.

    (And that answers a question I’ve long had about this– John, your guidelines state that you don’t accept self-published work for Big Idea pieces, but you’re not averse to displaying them here if they’re sent to you, correct?)

  7. Marked is the only one I’ve heard of before. (My kindle keeps advertising it at me.)

    However, I’m probably going to look up the descriptions of People Eating People, Finn Fancy Necromancy, and The Darkest Part of the Forest solely because I like the titles.

  8. Fancy how “People eating People” and the Necormancy book are next to each other.

  9. Golden Son – really liked Red Rising so I’m looking forward to this one. Also seemed to have really liked the first book in the Brian Stavely series (I don’t remember reading it but I have a handy feature on my library account that keeps track of my ratings) so The Providence of Fire is also on my list.

  10. I’m so excited to read Golden Son! Red Rising was wonderful. It was like the author borrowed concepts from all his favourite books, but in a way that still made for an original story.

  11. I read Holly Black’s “The Darkest Part of the Forest” over the weekend. A really good book from beginning to end, better than “The Coldest Girl in Coldtown”, and a return to her focus on faeries.

  12. Agree with those that loved “Red Rising” and are looking forward to the follow up “Golden Son” (Red was from the best dystopian adventures I’ve read last year). Also, “Dear Enemy” could be a good read, and I was much impressed by the NYC created by Sternbergh in “Shovel Ready”, and by his unusually laconic style. Also, like a few out there, didn’t like much “Coldest Girl” and will give a pass to Black this time. Heather Webb’s new follow up to her Josephine Bonaparte bio could be interesting for the historically inclined.

  13. Finn Fancy Necromancy!!! Randy’s reading at World Fantasy Convention was fun and he was a trip. :-)

  14. I absolutely adored Holly Black’s “The Darkest Part of the Forest” which I read in… less than 24 hours.

  15. Loved Red Rising, just finished Golden Son. They were awesome books! If you’re a fan of the jenre, I highly recommend :)

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