Sunset with Sundogs, 1/26/15

The sundogs being the rainbow spots on either side of the sun. I can often get one side but rarely get both. So this is an auspicious day. Also, I suggest looking at the larger version for more detail.

14 Comments on “Sunset with Sundogs, 1/26/15”

  1. I really thought sundogs were going to be companions to the imaginary (?) fog bears. That’s twice today that your blog title fooled me. And you know what they say about fooling me twice…

  2. Beautiful! I’ve never heard of a Sundog before. I learn something new every day. But what old thing have I now forgotten to make space in my brain for Sundogs?

  3. Very nice capture.
    For those for whom it’s new, they’re caused by the light interacting with hexagonal plates of ice in the atmosphere.

  4. Awesome! Driving home to NEO from the east coast after a Christmas visit, I saw a similarly symmetrical pair, and like yours the rainbow/prism aspect was stronger than usual for sundogs. I wondered how many other drivers noticed them – they were visible for almost half an hour. Now I wish I’d taken a minute to pull over and get a photo!

  5. And now I’m missing winter. Seven long years in Australia. Seven seasons without the calm beauty of a cold sunset, blue tinted by a blanket of snow. I’d give almost anything to stand before such a view, slow breaths visible, until my cold feet forced me back into family and warmth. Thanks for the pic, it has all the feels.

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