The Next Couple of Weeks Around Whatever

Just as a heads up:

This week (defined as through Thursday) posting is likely to be light because I am trying to finish things before I head off on the JoCo Cruise. But! I’ll be blathering about Midnight Rises (and maybe other things, hint hint), and I’ll have a trio of Big Ideas for you to sink your brains into.

Next week (defined as Friday through February 8) posting is likely to be even lighter as I will be on a boat in the middle of the Caribbean, and honestly, I will have better things to do. No offense. That said, unlike previous JoCo Cruises, where I disconnected entirely, this year I will for business reasons be keeping an Internet connection. So I may — MAY — post some pictures to make you all jealous. Also, there will be one Big Idea piece during this time.

While I am on the boat, I will also be turning on my “I’m ignoring emails” autoresponder, and indeed most emails, excepting certain ones relating to business, will be gleefully not paid any attention to. So, yeah, if I were you I’d either send me a note before Friday, or after the 8th.

7 Comments on “The Next Couple of Weeks Around Whatever”

  1. I am green with envy that you’re getting to go on a JoCo Cruise, Scalzi. Of course, this March Tammy and I are going to Denmark, where neither of us have even been, because she’s GoH at FantasyFestival 2015 and doing public appearances for her Danish fans….

    I guess this means I’ll learn more about Denmark than I have from watching Lars von Trier movies. :o

  2. So sorry about your kitty. They are so much part of our lives.

    Just finished “The Android’s Dream.” This being my first book of yours (but most definitely not my last), I had no idea what to expect. And the cover definitely didn’t give it away.

    Enjoy the Caribbean. As a diver I am often there on liveaboards.

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