Farewell From Florida

Hello! Just a quick reminder for everyone that for the next week or so I will be on a the Nerd Boat (i.e., the JoCo Cruise), on which a) I will be running a writing track for the amusement and edification of the seamonkeys, b) will be busy with the pleasures of various Caribbean paradises, c) will have terrible, terrible Internet connectivity in any event, so my appearances here will be pretty sparse. There will be a Big Idea on Tuesday, and I will be promoting the heck out of Midnight Star (the video game I worked on) on Thursday. Other than that, I might post a picture or two if the cruise’s terrible, terrible Internet connectivity allows it. But mostly? I’ll be on a boat, on a nice working vacation. I figure you’ll be okay with that.

Enjoy your next week! I know I will.

(P.S.: Because I’ll be on a boat with terrible, terrible Internet connectivity, I’m also trimming back commenting here for two days per article. This will close up commenting on some previous entries, obviously. When I’m back I’ll return commenting to the usual two week window.)

6 Comments on “Farewell From Florida”

  1. Try not to think about that mutated norovirus that has been going around cruise ships, turning passengers and crew into brain-eating zombies…

  2. With poor internet access, you’ll undoubtedly have some unexpected free time that would otherwise have been spent “surfing the web”. Please consider devoting some of it to creating a NON FPS game in the “Midnight Rises” universe.

    I thouroughly enjoyed the book and will definitely be buying Midnight Star — even though I know that I will suck at it. Let’s just say that I bought OMW because I could EASILY identify with the protagonists, and my reaction times are not what they used to be.

    Would love to see something that emphasizes logic and reason instead of quick reflexes.

    Of course, I’m more than half expecting to be pleasantly surprised on Thurday when Midnight Star comes out. I’ve always enjoyed your work — even on those instances where I didn’t think I would.

    Anyway, thanks for keeping me entertained and frequently making me think.

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