Pictures From JoCo Cruise

Morning! This post services as a test of my terrible, terrible Internet connection here in the middle of the Atlantic, and as a way to make you jealous of all the fun you’re not having here on the cruise right now. So please to enjoy the following photos.


Yesterday’s sunset as we left Florida.


Jonathan Coulton and band performing “Re: Your Brains”. The crowd, naturally, has turned itself into a pile of shambling zombies. As they would.


This morning out at sea. There looks to be a little rain on the horizon.

The online Internet connection is in fact as terrible as advertised. I tried simply sending these pictures to Flickr and the Internet connection choked on them because the files were too big. In order to get them to you I had to sideload them from my phone to my laptop via bluetooth, make smaller versions in Photoshop, and then upload those to WordPress’ media tool. There’s probably a simpler way to do things, which I will figure out presently (before anyone notes it, I could just make them lower resolution when I take them, but I’d actually like to have decent-sized pictures of the trip, not just ones I can immediately upload), but at the moment it’s kinda silly complicated, so, again, don’t expect too much this week (also, and again, I expect to be busy here on the boat in any event).

Before I go, however, check out this awesome shirt from Deirdre Saorise Moen, based on my Twitter reputation as a “Universal Blame Accepter” (i.e., if you need someone to blame for something, go ahead and blame me, since I already get blamed for a lot of ridiculous things anyway). You better believe I’m getting one when I get back to the world.

Enjoy your Sunday!