Pictures From JoCo Cruise, Part the Second

Morning, folks. Hope you’re doing well. I’m on a boat! Here are some more pictures from it to amuse you.
This picture while we were at sea, taken by shooting straight down from my balcony. I suspect this is what Homer met when he was talking about the “wine dark sea.”
The beach at St. Maarten. This where I found out what parts of my body I didn’t manage to get sunscreen on!
Another shot of St. Maarten from the boat. It’s a pretty island.
Jim Boggia (far right) leads Jonathan Coulton, Paul & Storm and Greg Benson in a singalong.

Life on the boat is lovely so far and we’re all having a fine time. I will of course give you more detail when I’m back on shore. Until then enjoy the photos.

Also, swing back tomorrow — Midnight Star, the video game I worked on, is coming out then, and I’m going to geek out about it here. You won’t want to miss that.

15 Comments on “Pictures From JoCo Cruise, Part the Second”

  1. I am almost ashamed to admit that when I read the sentence about the “wine dark sea” my first thought was “I don’t remember that episode.”

  2. I spent a good part of yesterday hacking through a 3/4″ ice crust on top of a pile of snow at the foot of my driveway. I got both vehicles free after several hours, but broke my shovel before I could start on the walkways. Then I took a painkiller and lay down.

    I hope you’re having a great time in the Caribbean, John… :-)

  3. I remember being on that beach, John. We had a good time, just a bunch of Navy Chiefs hanging out. That was April 1998, and I’m sure it’s just as nice today as it was then. Glad you’re having a good time.

  4. Or, of course, Homer may just have mean “glinting”. The word occurs a few times in Homer, and once in Sophocles, so its meaning is not well-founded. It also applies to oxen, apparently, and a man’s forearm. The “wine-dark” bit comes from Andrew Lang’s Victorian translation.

    (Do you perhaps have any oxen on board for a comparison?)

  5. St. Maarten is a pretty island. The south side, where the cruise ships dock, is a semi-independent Dutch territory. The north side is a French overseas department. I stayed on the French side, which is less crowded and prettier. The story goes that when the French and Dutch decided to settle the division, they sent two runners from one end of the island to the other and drew the line from where they started to where they met. Some say that the French runner took a bottle of wine, while the Dutch runner took a bottle of genever. So the French runner didn’t get as drunk.
    There are no border guards anywhere these days and almost everyone speaks English.

  6. CW Rose: there are undoubtedly many PARTS of cattle on board at the buffet, glinting under the heat lamp. I don’t know as how I’ve ever seen a whole ox glint, they’re pretty hairy.

  7. Lurkertype – the supposition is that they were ploughing, and sweating.
    Same with the guy.


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