Pictures From the JoCo Cruise, Part the Third

Just a couple of days left in the cruise now. Here are some more pictures!


St. Kitts, as we were steaming out from it. A pretty little island.


The ever-popular Jim Boggia, leading an ukulele jam to (of course) Paul McCartney.


San Juan, Puerto Rico. We were here when Midnight Star came out, so I didn’t manage to get off the boat at all for it. My loss.


Aimee Mann and Ted Leo, aka The Both, who had a terrific set.

In other news: It’s Friday! Get through your workday and have a fine weekend, folks.

5 Comments on “Pictures From the JoCo Cruise, Part the Third”

  1. I really need to get back to St. Kitts to buy some more hot sauce. My favorite stuff comes from there, and it’s the only place it can be bought.

  2. Aw, it’s lovely to see Jim Boggia still running around and having fun. :) I first met him when I was an undergrad and he was playing with 4 Way Street at Club Passim in Harvard Square …

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