Subterranean Scalzi Super Bundle Available for a Limited Time

A couple of years ago, Subterranean Press released a “super bundle” of short stories and non-fiction books from me, perfect for completists who want to get lots of stuff of mine for a nice, low price. SubPress has revived the super bundle for a limited time with three new works in it: “To Sue The World,” a short story set in the Redshirts universe (those of you who saw me on that book tour will remember me reading it with Wil Wheaton, Paul Sabourin and other friends); “Lock In Lost Chapters,” featuring two chapters from a previous (and unreleased) version of the novel Lock In; and The Mallet of Loving Correction, my second collection of Whatever entries. All for $8.99, and all DRM-free.

Why release it now? Because Subterranean Press wants to give the proceeds to a local non-profit: A fencing studio (that’s the fencing with swords, not with, uh, fences) which is looking to upgrade its facilities and programs. I can get behind that, so I’ll be donating my share as well. So, it’s a chance to get a lot of cool stories at a good price while helping folks.

Here’s the whole list of contents for the SubPress Scalzi Super Bundle:

  • To Sue the World (an original, very short Redshirts story available nowhere else)
  • Muse of Fire
  • Mallet of Loving Correction
  • Lock In, Lost Chapters (available nowhere else)
  • How I Proposed To My Wife: An Alien Sex Story
  • An Election
  • Judge Sn Goes Golfing
  • Questions for a Soldier
  • The Sagan Diary
  • The Tale of the Wicked
  • The God Engines
  • You’re Not Fooling Anyone When You Take Your Laptop to a Coffee Shop

Again: This is available only for a limited time (about two weeks), so if you want it, come and get it. Thanks!

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  1. This is excellent for a couple of reasons:
    Yay for fencing–great sport!
    I’ve wanted to read to You Aren’t Fooling Anyone for awhile, but the hardcopy seems to be a rare collectible. Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough, but here it is for a low price and in a basket with other goodies.
    Thanks from Kensington, Maryland

  2. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The Collected Short Stories of John Scalzi (but with a snappier title) is long overdue.

  3. First, thanks for supporting a good cause. You seem like the sort of person who would do this a lot. Second, thanks for making this available at a great price. Third, I already had some of these, but…done. Sold. Bought, etc.

  4. Not available on Amazon Canada. Purchased via Kobo. Finally got a copy of Muse of Fire etc. Yippee!

  5. I already have some of these but the ones that I don’t have make the bundle well worth the price. And to support fencing? As a former fencer, I just have to get behind that. Thank you, John and Subterranean Press!

  6. Awesome! I’d been meaning to read The God Engines, and I didn’t realize there was a Redshirts short story, so this is perfect!

  7. Like Dave Crisp, Amazon only wants to let me re-download the old “superbundle”. Guess I’ll have to wait until the unreleased stuff gets released…

  8. Dave Crisp and Shatle, Tobias here, I do SubPress eBook work. Even though Amazon says ‘you already purchased this item’ *according* to Amazon if you go in and download the file again it should be the new file. According to Amazon when I last checked “we will enable them to update the book’s content through the Manage Your Kindle page on”

    So please try downloading the file again and checking it, even if it says ‘you already purchased it’ as the file should get updated.

    If it doesn’t, please email me ( and I’ll try and proceed to find a fix.



  9. iTunes told me to download an update and hey Presto! new content. I was surprised and pleased. (Muse of Fire is *creepy*, a fit companion to The God Engines.)

  10. Tobias:

    Although B&N is showing the new cover, when I archive and reload, I still only get the old version. Any chance you could give them a Hard Stare and get that fixed? I’ve gotten updates of books before, so I know they can do it.

  11. I would like to buy this but this is the what Amazon had to say

    “Instant Order Update

    Our records show that you already purchased Subterranean Scalzi Super Bundle on November 5, 2012.

    You can find this title under Archived Items on your Amazon Kindle or Kindle reading application, or the Manage Your Content and Devices page.”

    What do I do??? I must have new content

  12. Tobias! Just bought this on B&N but it only has the old stuff. Boo. How do I get the new stuff? Why can’t SP just have the epubs?

  13. I’m glad this one is showing up on Amazon’s Australian Kindle store (for AU$11.36, which seems reasonable).

    There are odd gaps in the rest of the catalogue: for instance, The Human Division is missing but its German translation is available.

  14. Tobias: What Lurkertype said; I’m having the exact same experience. I have heard that B&N is sometimes several days behind the curve on this sort of thing.

  15. Awesome!
    Though, I would have preferred to buy it from Kobo, but they say it’s not internationally available? (I’m in Sweden.) No trouble getting it via Amazon though, so it seems to be “internationally available” there. Wouldn’t it be the same license for the two?
    Bah, this licensing thing always gives me a headache…

  16. I don’t want to derail this thread, but in this case, how does the DRM work? If I buy through Amazon, am I buying a DRM-free epub, or does it require a Kindle, or a kindle app? Same with Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. I really want to purchase, but have no interest in a special app/DRM/serivce. I just want to use my own reader, and get to reading. Thank you.

  17. Hello Jack: there is no DRM on Subterranean Press titles. If you order it from B&N or Kobo, it’s a downloadable ePub that you can read on any given ePub reader that you prefer. If you download it via Amazon, you’ll need to use a MOBI reader, which is a Kindle or the Kindle app on your phone or desktop that you download from Amazon.

    Everyone having trouble seeing the new version on Amazon, I’ve engaged with Amazon help to ask them to update your libraries. I’m not sure how long that will take, but I’m working it!

    It should be purchasable internationally everywhere. We’ve selected world rights for everything!

    Hugh, I’m off to go see what B&N is doing!

  18. Hey Hugh, and others with trouble at B&N, please give it 48 hours and try again. There was a glitch and the new version’s winding its way up through their mysterious workings.

  19. Thanks for the clarification, Jack and Tobias. It wasn’t clear from either of those websites that it’s just a downloadable EPUB, so I was about to give up (*suppressed rant about the state of e-book purchasing*). The Kobo purchase was nicely hassle-free.

  20. I think I need to release the rant again from above. When I visit the Kobo shop link it tells me “This content is not available internationally.” So e-book system is still properly f***ed up.

  21. Well, I purchased this bundle, and I was EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED to learn that “To Sue the World” was not in fact a how-to, but fiction. One star, would not buy again.

    *stomps off, pouting*

  22. I’d really like to have this, but I can’t find it anywhere. No one seems to be selling it anymore. How can I buy this?

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