Announcing the Audie Award Finalists for Fantasy, 2015!

The folks at the Audie Awards asked me if I would be willing to announce the finalists for the Fantasy category of awards, and of course I was delighted to. The Audie Award, for those of you not aware, are the awards given out for excellence in audiobook achievement. This year, the finalists in the category of Fantasy are:

If for some reason you’re having difficulty seeing the image, the finalists are:

Cress; by Marissa Meyer; Narrated by Rebecca Soler;

The Emperor’s Blades; by Brian Staveley; Narrated by Simon Vance;

Hawk; by Steven Brust; Narrated by Bernard Setaro Clark;

The Queen of the Tearling; by Erika Johansen; Narrated by Katherine Kellgren;

Words of Radiance; by Brandon Sanderson; Narrated by Kate Reading and Michael Kramer.

The Audie Awards will be given out May 28. Congratulations to all the finalists in Fantasy category, whom I have had the honor to announce, and to all finalist in every other category as well!

11 Comments on “Announcing the Audie Award Finalists for Fantasy, 2015!”

  1. Loving the nominees, except that Cress is very much science fiction. It’s set in a futuristic earth and in space. So I’m really confused about that choice.

  2. I think by “Fantasy” they mean SF and fantasy. I went to the finalist page and I couldn’t find a science fiction category

  3. And, oh, lookie! Here are the 2015 Nominees for the Audie in Science Fiction:

    The Beam: Season 1; by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant; Narrated by Johnny Heller, Tara Sands, Ralph Lister, Ray Chase, R.C. Bray, Jeffrey Kafer, Chris Patton, Eric Martin, Brian Holsopple, Rachel Fulginiti, Stephen Bowlby, and Emily Woo Zeller; Podium Publishing

    Dark Eden; by Chris Beckett; Narrated by Matthew Frow, Jayne Entwistle, Ione Butler, Hannah Curtis, Robert Hook, Bruce Mann, Nicholas Guy Smith, and Heather Wilds; Penguin Random House Audio

    The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August; by Claire North; Narrated by Peter Kenny; Hachette Audio

    Lock In; by John Scalzi; Narrated by Wil Wheaton, Amber Benson, and a full cast; Audible, Inc.

    The Martian; by Andy Weir; Narrated by R.C. Bray; Podium Publishing

  4. christinamofranke: “Cress is very much science fiction. It’s set in a futuristic earth and in space. So I’m really confused about that choice.”

    Hmmm… the book’s subject matter includes settlements on the moon, orbiting satellites, alien invasions, netscreens, hacking, and cyborgs. I would agree.

    Sadly, it seems to be yet another case of “Well, it’s by a woman, so it can’t be science fiction, it must be fantasy.” :-/

  5. Guess: “Kate Reading and Michael Kramer did the audio books for all of the wheel of time books. They are very good.”

    Very much agreed! I’m on book 3 of WoT and thoroughly enjoyed their readings of Way of Kings and Words of Radiance. Very powerful story-tellers!

    Now to go add the other audiobooks to my wish list…

    Also, congrats John on your nomination for Lock In! Loved the story and loved Will’s narration!

  6. I cannot even imagine what it would be like to read all of WORDS OF RADIANCE out loud. Man.

  7. oshrivastava – Bhopal (M.P.)India – God is,I belive that god support every body like a mother,हर सांस का धन्यवाद तो उसे दे नहीं सकते फिर भी बिना शिकायत वह तुम्हारी प्रत्येक चाहत को पूरी करता हैं , बोलो सुबह शाम ,ॐश्री राधेकृष्णा बोले,

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