Today’s Thing I’ve Never Seen Before

It’s a large print edition of Redshirts, in a library binding and everything. I’m not 100% sure but I suspect this is the first book of mine in large print (the Hugo award may have helped it get into the format). At the very least it’s the first book of mine that I’ve seen in the format. I think it’s kind of neat, personally.

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  1. As you age, John, you may appreciate that format more (although e-readers make it unnecessary).

  2. “I think it’s kind of neat, personally.”

    Sorry, I didn’t get that. Could you write it a little larger please?

    (Joking as someone who always dials up the font for ebooks. Seriously though, that’s nice to see.)

  3. In the 90s, I worked at a public library and I do not remember any SF or Fantasy novels in large print. I hope that has changed.

  4. That’s really cool. I’ve also seen you post foreign language versions of many of your books here. Is it possible to get those in the States?

  5. That’s great – must be plenty of aging scifi fans who haven’t gone to ereaders, I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.
    Really like the cover too.

  6. Lock In is also available in Large Print.

    And to find large print check with your local library. If you can only read large print (or have other physical limitations that make handling traditional physical books difficult) ask after the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped that they are associated with. There should be a state library (jointly funded by state and federal dollars) to serve people in that population that live in your state. They can get large print, braille, audio books (and other things) for those that need them. All of these formats are very expensive, let your local library help you!

    Juan, Some SF&F is now available in Large Print. Off the top of my head without going to look as I’m not at work today, I have Butcher, Harris & Hamilton on my large print shelves.

  7. It took some work, but I finally convinced my elderly parents that with an ereader every book is a large print book.

    I’ve noticed that our library has pretty much stopped getting new books in large print format. I’m not too surprised–with the cuts in their budget, the rise of ereaders, and the continuous stream of new books coming out something had to give.

  8. I work at a used book store and people are always asking for large print. (Mostly we get popfic, romance novels and westerns.)This is wonderful. I may have to order one and donate it to the store.

  9. Chris, the “bric-a-brac” is most likely John’s Hugo for the Best Novel for 2013. I say most likely because he’s won others (though this is his first Hugo for Best Novel) and without the base being visible I can’t say with 100% certainty. By context it makes sense.

  10. I have a visual impairment and a niece has dyslexia, and e-books with a text-to-speech option work for us, but I will always lobby hard for large-print editions for libraries.

  11. That’s great news. Large Print selection is much better than it once was; when I started in libraryland about all we could get in that format was nurse books and Westerns. E-readers are great–I love mine, especially when travelling–but I know I’m not alone in still loving print editions.

    (Note to John Scalzi: I have no financial interest in Broadway Book Mall, aside from spending too much money there.) BTW, Denver has a small selection of Large Print in the Broadway Book Mall.

  12. One of my local libraries (yes, plural, it’s a big city) has a Large Print section almost as big as the regular (Small Print?) section! Clearly they are familiar with the demographics in that little area.

  13. Can’t read most paperbacks because my profoundly near-sighted eyes just don’t see type that small, – almost anything new I buy has to be large print or electronic. Unfortunately, I have hundreds of old, but not necessarily classic SF books which will likely never get e-reader versions. I’m hoping the Save the SciFi kickstarter will whittle down the no longer readables.

  14. …and an excellent, fun read becomes even more available to the masses. I suggest “Redshirts” to people on a regular basis.