Reminder: Today is International Grover Appreciation Day

Have you shared the good news about Grover with the important people in your life? If not, today is a very fine day to do so! He is, after all, the best of all possible Muppets.

36 Comments on “Reminder: Today is International Grover Appreciation Day”

  1. I am sure this is all part of some plan to ruin the carreers of the other muppets. Typical Scalzi.

  2. Grover? You mean the one who, through his bumbling, nearly unleashed a terror from Beyond on all humanity in The Monster at the End of This Book?

    No, I’m afraid we should really be welcoming our trashy overlord.

  3. Well, Grover does have the amazing ability to teleport things using the Force.

    Or was that Yoda? Hard to tell one from t’other, a voice like his.

  4. I hope to present further evidence that Beaker is the one who deserves the day of appreciation. After presenting my evidence, I’m sure the jury will toss out the cases for Grover, Gonzo, Oscar AKA “The Grouch”, and any other Muppets submitted before the court.


    Not only has Beaker suffered from Bunsonium ingestion, he has also been use as a test subject for Edible Paperclips, an Electric Nosewarmer, a Nuclear Shaver, and been enveloped by a highly enlarged Streptococcus Yuckletherium Cell. This Muppet deservers your appreciation.

  5. I have this book, Grover tells me all about how worried he is, because he has been told that there is a MONSTER at the end of the book. But he also seems to be encouraging me to turn the pages…. I just can’t help it.
    Turns out HE is the monster! So cute, so awesome… and so deep. Love Grover!

  6. Elmo is a Grover rip-off! I don’t care if they say they are related. There is only one true Grover! Thank you for sharing the light of the world that is Grover!

  7. You might as well make me pick a favorite child. Sorry, can’t do it, I love them all equally but for different reasons.

  8. Even if we’re just limiting it to Sesame Street muppets, Oscar is clearly superior.

    From all muppets, Miss Piggy clearly reigns supreme.

  9. Everyone knows it’s the 40th Anniversary of The Land of Gorch.

    Scred, I miss you the most.

  10. I do appreciate Grover. I don’t even need a special day for it. But I’m with Chris Salter above who said Gonzo is superior. I love Gonzo the Great more than any other Muppet.

    But the one I miss most often is Richard Hunt’s nameless avatars in all the background singing.

  11. Thank you John. I’d forgotten that someone in the old Henson organization must have had a deep affection for Monty Python, the Marx Brothers and Abbott and Costello.

    I love Grover and I intend now to share his extraordinary talents with my Facebook friends.

  12. I must sadly disagree with all here so far. I simply cannot go past the Swedish chef! He has a way with shrimp. Also popcorn…

  13. Even people who espouse the virtues of other Muppets gotta give it up for ONE DAY for Grover. He doesn’t get nearly enough screen time nowadays since it’s all given over to the red abomination who hasn’t mastered first person singular yet… isn’t that some kinda mental disorder in the DSM? Depersonalization or something? No match for SUPER GROVER.

    (Always been a Kermie gal myself, along with pity for Beaker, and wanting to have a beer with Rowlf.)

  14. Ah, the Swedish Chef, but … BEAKER, BEAKER, BEAKER!


    Dude never backed down from needed testing thereby single-handedly saving the WORLD from bad engineering. Thank him the next time you find yourself shaving your delicate spots.

  15. =gah!= Not more Grover worship. It’s a 4 way clash at my friends house: Grover memorabilia, Coca-Cola memorabilia, MLP’s & Disney Princesses… =shudders=

  16. I always thought it was curious that you never see Grover and Gonzo together. I’m not saying I believe the rumors that Camilla (the chicken) is Grover/Gonzo’s “wackiness conscience” (ala Jiminy Cricket) enabling his bizarre Pinocchio-esque disease, but there is a lot of circumstantial evidence. (Given Muppets in Space, some drugs may be involved?)

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