I am Busy Today But Do Not Wish to Leave You With Nothing Here on Whatever, So Please Enjoy This Picture of a Cat in a Bathtub

And Lopsided Cat is all, “What? Can’t a cat have a little private time? With his favorite sponge?” Hey, man. I don’t judge.

How’s your Monday?

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  1. No cats, but my Monday is very snowy, very very snowy. seems we’re looking at 8″ – 12″ total by Tuesday morning when I have to get to work. Yuck, but the mail must go through!

  2. This is the second picture of Lopsided Cat to come out of the Scalzi compound today. This is what we the people need on our interwebs…more cats! The occasional dog or sunset picture is ok too I guess.

  3. As a boy I adored The Amateur Astronomer, by Patrick Moore, Lutterworth Press, 1957…Fourth edition, 1961. There was an illustration of Saturn floating in a bathtub (since its density is less than 1, specifically 0.687 grams per cubic centimeter). The joke is: “But it leaves rings in the tub.”

  4. angelalacey67 – I am someone who still has a lot to learn about life, and people, but is not afraid to learn it, who keeps their heart open to love all who deserve love, but only if they do, and lastly, one who keeps their mind open to see the other side of as many issues as are presented to me, but who is opinionated and stubborn. (I know, it's an odd combination, and admittedly, I am a rambler. It is no easy cross I bear.) ;) Cheers, and welcome to my blog.

    Be kind to the kitty, it looks like it has already had a few weeks of all Mondays! LOLL

  5. My cat is fascinated by both the bathroom sink and the bathroom. Particularly when they are running.

    My Monday is full of fun: dealing with health insurance and COBRA coverage.

    Me: hello pharmacy, please give me my wonderful drugs.
    Pharmacy: your insurance is not valid.

    Me: hello old HR, I need insurance info to get drugs.
    Old HR: here is the insurance vendor.
    Me: hello insurance vendor, I need proof of coverage.
    Insurance Vendor: here is a temporary card. Another real card is in the mail.

    Me: hello pharmacy, here is my ID and group number.
    Pharmacy: This does not have the BIN and PCN plus it doesn’t cover today. This will not pay for your wonderful drugs that help you breathe or walk.

    Me: call the number on the temporary card.
    ………………..on hold…………………..on hold………………….
    Irrelevant health insurance sub-vendor: we do not have info on COBRA, let me transfer you to BCBS,
    …………………………on hold……………………………….on hold…………………….
    Incredibly perky BCBS person: hello, how can I help you?
    Me: hello BCBS, I need the BIN and PCN for my Cobra so I can get the wonderful drugs that help me breath and walk.
    BCBS: your coverage ended 12/31/14.
    Me: yes, I switched to the HMO and you never sent me a new card. Plus, I now have COBRA.
    BCBS: we don’t manage the HMO, let me transfer you to the BCBS HMO.
    …………………………on hold……………………………….on hold…………………….
    BCBS HMO: how can we help you today?
    BCBS HMO: let me put you on hold.
    …………………………on hold……………………………….on hold…………………….
    BCBS HMO: we only received your COBRA today. Let us do a special pharmacy auth that won’t be valid until tomorrow. please hold.
    …………………………on hold……………………………….on hold…………………….

  6. Shoveled the sidewalks again.Bad news: the snow on the lawn is now up to my hips; good news: I no longer have to guess where the sidewalks are.

  7. Lynn – California – I write poetry and short stories. I've also written a memoir about adopting my daughters through foster care. I have been published on Institute for Attachment and Child Development, Transfiguring Adoption, Portrait of an Adoption, and Bravelove.

    Awww, this kitty reminds me of my Clyde, whom I put down almost two years ago and still desperately miss.

    My Monday was fabulous! I returned from the SF Writers Conference with a lot of wonderful new information about advertising and publishing my book. On said journey I got rear-ended in a toll booth, but I guess you can’t win them all. ;)

  8. I was going to say, “You can’t go wrong with a cat in a bath-tub,” but you can go wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong.

  9. @ mngwa
    8′, Yikes! 6″ is a lot for us. People around south western Virginia freak the heck out when it snows, & can’t seem to figure out how to drive in it. Bless their hearts.
    I know others have it much worse. especially up Boston way. Good luck.

  10. [Deleted because of depressingly substandard attempt at insulting. Ayn Rand wouldn’t even put out her cigarettes on you, GG — JS]

  11. Jessa Slade – <strong><a href="http://jessaslade.com">Jessa Slade</a> is the author of the <a href="http://jessaslade.wordpress.com/excerpts/the-world-of-the-marked-souls/">Marked Souls</a> urban fantasy romance series (NAL Signet Eclipse), the <a href="http://jessaslade.wordpress.com/excerpts/steel-born-dark-fey-paranormal-romance/">Steel Born</a> paranormal romance series (Harlequin Nocturne Cravings), and award-winning self-published science fiction romance with <a href="http://jessaslade.wordpress.com/excerpts/sheerways-science-fiction-romance/">Hotter on the Edge</a>. You can find her online at all the <a href="http://jessaslade.wordpress.com/about/">usual haunts</a>.</strong>
    Jessa Slade

    Turn on the water, make a gif of the resulting fracas, and that was my day today.

  12. anhorgos – Makeup and nail polish enthusiast, equal opportunity soft pretzel and hot dog lover, mindset advocate, twinnie, wife, mom and RDH

    What is it about cat’s and bathtubs? Mine roll around in the tub and like to drink the drippy water from the faucet. Keep the kitty pics coming! They brighten everyones day

  13. My Monday is full of chicks. Here a chick, there a chick, everywhere a *%&^%!! chick chick. With the assistance of the neighbor kids, they will all be rounded up and sent to the Humane Society.

  14. Snow is up over 5 feet on both sides of my walk. Can’t even climb it to try and build a snowman in the yard as it’s more suitable for swimming. Would snowshoe but cold and windchill makes it difficult. However sitting in front of the woodstove with our cats makes up for it all. Monday is lovely but have to face work on Tuesday.

  15. How is my Monday/Tuesday? Freezing rain and sleet. Yall can do the math. Variable in the equation: even though my defroster works great, I had to stop half way home from work–on a 14 mile trip–to chip ice off my wipers so I could see through my windshield. After having had to chip ice off them at the start of the trip.

    At the moment, driving is kinda like riding on ice covered BBs that are resting on ice. If you can can go straight it ain’t to bad… but have to hit the breaks or turn sharply… OH MY!

  16. oshrivastava – Bhopal (M.P.)India – God is,I belive that god support every body like a mother,हर सांस का धन्यवाद तो उसे दे नहीं सकते फिर भी बिना शिकायत वह तुम्हारी प्रत्येक चाहत को पूरी करता हैं , बोलो सुबह शाम ,ॐश्री राधेकृष्णा बोले,

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  17. My Monday is actually a Tuesday. It has been decidedly ordinary.

    My cat isn’t a fan of the bathtub. However, she is a fan of twist ties, plastic bottle caps and the plastic rings that seal bottles and tubs shut. She carries them round in her mouth and runs around the house all batshit crazy, flicking them around and chasing them. Weirdo.

  18. John

    Thank you. My Monday was spent talking to the A&E consultant who’d cared for me for 48 hours; the good news was that they were pretty sure the MRI scan and other tests ruled out a tumour, but the bad news was that a disc had boldly decided to seek out new horizons, hence the agonising pain.

    Since no sane surgeon would operate on me unless it was life or death – I’ve just emerged from another hospital where I’d been having iv antibiotics for an incurable lung disease – that leaves managing the pain and practising with my crutches.

    So I really, really, really needed to see Lopsided Cat going his own way, grooving with his sponge, living his life on his own terms. I’ve already thanked you, but please pass on my felicitations to the feline…

  19. Hah, my cat loves our pumice stone — he jumps in the tub so he can rub his whiskers up against it. Exfoliation is for everyone!

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