My Solo Album (Not Really But Even So)

So, I posted this picture of myself with ridiculously large, Bono-like sunglasses on Twitter and noted that if I ever decided to make a solo album called The Life and Times of a Pretentious Wanker, it would be the cover photo. And, well. A fellow with the Twitter handle of “Johnny Magnum” decided to take me at my word and added a few graphic elements to the picture. The resulting “album cover” is, in a word, perfect. It almost makes me wish I had an album of music to go with it. Maybe after the novel is done.

In the meantime, this is a fine time to remind people that I do actually have an entire album’s worth of electronic music, and it’s right here. It already has a title, alas.

12 Comments on “My Solo Album (Not Really But Even So)”

  1. When you put your band together can you get Geoff from Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show to play the bones or something? Dude needs a gig now and I think he’d fit right in.

  2. Sheesh! Novel? You’ve been there and done that! On to the music already! Spice things up a little.😃

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