My Solo Album (Not Really But Even So)

So, I posted this picture of myself with ridiculously large, Bono-like sunglasses on Twitter and noted that if I ever decided to make a solo album called The Life and Times of a Pretentious Wanker, it would be the cover photo. And, well. A fellow with the Twitter handle of “Johnny Magnum” decided to take me at my word and added a few graphic elements to the picture. The resulting “album cover” is, in a word, perfect. It almost makes me wish I had an album of music to go with it. Maybe after the novel is done.

In the meantime, this is a fine time to remind people that I do actually have an entire album’s worth of electronic music, and it’s right here. It already has a title, alas.

12 Comments on “My Solo Album (Not Really But Even So)”

  1. doggywoggyboy – queensland – my bio in short...i am bio-organic...and bio-rhythmic...and thats it... ...a philosophy i reckon we ought to remember. Ina infinite universe one always knows next to nothing...which is humble down....

    thank you John, i like the song called “well imagine that”…..nice……pretentious wanker….i know that club… :)

  2. When you put your band together can you get Geoff from Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show to play the bones or something? Dude needs a gig now and I think he’d fit right in.

  3. oshrivastava – Bhopal (M.P.)India – God is,I belive that god support every body like a mother,हर सांस का धन्यवाद तो उसे दे नहीं सकते फिर भी बिना शिकायत वह तुम्हारी प्रत्येक चाहत को पूरी करता हैं , बोलो सुबह शाम ,ॐश्री राधेकृष्णा बोले,

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