Back in the Day

This is a picture of a Christmastime choral concert at my high school, roughly 30 years ago. You can tell it’s from Christmastime because of the otherwise utterly-nonessential-for-southern-California scarves the singers are wearing. I am in this picture. Can you find me?

(Here’s a larger version of the photo, if you need more detail to locate me.)

Photo by my friend Norm Carnick.

24 Comments on “Back in the Day”

  1. Yeah, the smirk is pretty much a dead giveaway.

    You’re the guy on the left, standing, with your arms crossed, looking over your left shoulder.

  2. Optimistic about life? At that age, I was primarily concerned with getting laid on a regular basis, and my chances of achieving that were consistently low. So no, I don’t think I was optimistic…

  3. So not only is there just one guy (you know who, no doubt) with a smirk, but over on the right side there’s a girl with her hand over her mouth. Seems like there’s a story there.

  4. Andy Farke:

    Well, but you would, wouldn’t you?

    (Context for everyone else: Andy is the curator of the Raymond Alf Museum, in which the concert in the picture was held.)

  5. Yeah, the crossed arms and the smirk were a dead giveaway, and I’m so bad at looking at old photos I probably wouldn’t even recognize myself.

  6. Just one request, it’s “holidaytime”. Let’s not limit this to a white male christian holiday.

  7. Michael Enright:

    In this particular case, if I remember the choral selections at all correctly, it was indeed a Christmastime concert. Webb was (and is) non-denominational, but it was also a private school and, 30 years ago at least, had a default-but-not-really-pushy Christian tilt to it.

  8. I almost had you pinner as the guy in the back row in a black shirt until I realized that was a girl. Compliment totally meant. but yes, the attitude on your face has been seen before: replicated in a photo of Athena.

  9. Pretty sure those were not velcro tennies, because I’m pretty sure I had a copy of the exact same shoe, back in the day, and they were tie-them-strings types.

    On the other hand, wudda I know. There could have been a philistine velcro version…

    As I get older and more get-off-the-lawnish, I find myself looking more and more for shoes that look more and more like the ones John had on in that picture, and less and less like the ones they want to market with “air pockets” and “jump-high pump-pouches” or whatever it is these darn kids these days are wearing.

  10. As a black and white photo, it is hard to identify your red&white striped sweater and matching toboggan cap.

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