Note About Blurb Requests

This is for editors/publishers/PR folks:

Until I am done writing The End of All Things, I am not entertaining further requests for blurbs for other authors’ books. I have to finish my own book before I can think seriously about anyone else’s. This note encompasses blurb requests that have already been made in 2015.

The good news, such as it is: I have to be done with TEoAT fairly soon now. Stay tuned to this blog for updates; you’ll know when I’m done with TEoAT because I will likely shout it from the rooftops.


4 Comments on “Note About Blurb Requests”

  1. Ok, this kind of has to be spam, and part of systemic spamming. This oshriradhe person has been reblogging nearly every thread, but reblogging this particular one doesn’t make any human sense unless they’re just trying to steal your google-juice. Which casts doubts on all their other “reblogged” posts.

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