Today’s New Books and ARCs, 2/23/15

Still catching up on books and ARCs sent a couple of weeks ago. Here’s a representative batch:

See anything you’d like to be reading right now? Share in the comments!

39 Comments on “Today’s New Books and ARCs, 2/23/15”

  1. Fun fact: According to Mr. Lambshead, I’m tuckerized in his and Drake’s INTO THE MAELSTROM. I am dying to know how, and how I (probably) die horribly.

  2. I got into David Wellington when he was initially releasing his books in serial format, for free. He’s not a *great* writer, but he’s quite readable and he’s got the thrilling-story formula down so it’s hard to stop in the middle. So … yeah, I guess I would pass guiltily over Kowal and Ellison and so forth and start reading Wellington, “just for a minute”, and look up to find that an hour had gone by.

  3. Gotta agree about “Explaining Cthulhu to Grandma” – what a great title; hopefully the writing is as good (and hopefully funny) as the title.

  4. I want to read Of Noble Family so bad I can taste it. I was so disappointed that after I ran through the other 4 books in that series in something silly like 3 days, that the 5th was not yet out.

  5. I’ve had Into the Maelstrom pre-ordered for a couple of months and will order Of Noble Family now that I know it’s coming. And I have to agree that Explaining Cthulhu to Grandma sounds interesting enough to order as well, though I don’t know the author.

  6. Dang….I need to find a way onto a list where I can get Peter V. Brett’s laundry list as an ARC. Given how good his books are, one can imagine how fascinating his laundry list is. Or groceries even!!

    Explaining Cthulu also looks interesting.

  7. Looks like we’ll be fighting over Of Noble Family. I also thought The Dead Hamlets sounded interesting from the Big Idea.

  8. Put me down for the fight over “Of Noble Family”. I beta-read (more like alpha-read; is that a thing?) so I mostly know what happens (AND IT’S REALLY REALLY AWESOME), but I hear tell things have changed.

    I’d take a gander at Explaining ‘Thu to Grandma, just for the title.

  9. On a somewhat related note (stay with me you’ll see), I was at an event on Friday where this guy sets up a bunch of books people have donated to him. Everyone at the event can choose one book for free. If you want additional books, you can either trade one of your books for one of his or pay $2. My son and I were browsing and we found ARCs of The Last Colony and Zoe’s Tale so we scooped those up for our free books of the night.

  10. I also want Explaining Cthulhu to Grandma solely for the title.

    And Of Noble Family. Just read the last Glamourist book a couple weeks ago so I really want this one.

  11. Just a note that The Top of the Volcano was in the Humble Bundle you announced a few days ago. (And which I purchased just a few hours ago. W00t!)

  12. agree with jschaden – The Skull Throne (at last!). And how can one not be curious about Explaining CThulu to Grandma?

  13. Of Noble Family. I love that series.

    Are there *any* other books by women in that pile?

    And Explaining Cthulhu to Grandma looks interesting; I’d start reading based on the title.

  14. Cat Faber: Yes, that was my first reaction as well.

    (I am of course assuming none of the authors are women using a male pseud, or transwomen still living under the male identity given to them at birth.)

    I know it’s just random what shows up, but I suspect the odds of a 12-women-1-man pile appearing depend on a YA or Romance house sending a big crateful.

    Back on topic: I’m leaning toward the Brett, and I’m planning to get the Humble Bundle which has the Ellison collection in it.

  15. I need Of Noble Family. Marys glamourist and Marie Brennans Lady trent books are the two series that i will read instantly, so i NEED it.

  16. Ooooo, a book by Mary Robinette Kowal. I stumbled on her work at my local library and now I’m a huge fan.

  17. Bought Explaining Cthulhu on Kindle and read about a third of it on my commute today. Fun stuff. I’d definitely recommend it.

  18. Intriguing titles, but I’m waiting for the mash-up:-
    ‘Beyond Redemption, The Dead Hamlets Explain Cthulu To Grandma on The Skull Throne on The Top Of The Volcano.’