Things I Promised People I Would Tell You About, Not That I Didn’t Want to Tell You About Them Anyway, Because They’re Cool

They are:

1. If you’re a science fiction writer and you would like maybe to get a little better grounding in some of the “science” portion of that genre, then this is going to be for you: The Schrödinger Sessions: Science for Science Fiction workshop, this summer from July 30 through August 1st.

What will the workshop cover?

The Schrödinger Sessions is a three-day workshop for science fiction writers offering a “crash course” in modern physics, to be held at the Joint Quantum Institute (JQI), one of the world’s leading research centers for the study of quantum mechanics.  We will introduce participants to phenomena like superposition, entanglement, and quantum information through a series of lectures by JQI scientists and tours of JQI laboratories.  We hope this will inform and inspire new stories in print, on screen, and in electronic media, that will in turn inspire a broad audience to learn more about the weird and fascinating science of quantum physics and the transformative technologies it enables.

Go to the link to find out more. The application form is not up yet but will be, as I understand, in a couple of days. Also, I’ve been asked to note to writers that it’s not just science fiction prose writers who are eligible to attend: Screenwriter and video game writers can also get in on this action. So check it out.

2. If you like Star Trek and/or Doctor Who — which given the demographics of the readership of this site seems like a pretty good chance — you may be interested in this: A Doctor for the Enterprise, a crossover comic book written by 2015 Worldcon Guest of Honor David Gerrold (who is enshrined in Star Trek lore for writing “The Trouble With Tribbles” and other things).

Note that this release is a limited edition, so if you want one, you should probably click that link above and get on it right away. I would not want for you to live your life in regret.

(Also, if you’re the sort who likes behind the scenes articles, here’s one on the making of the comic book. Enjoy.)

11 Comments on “Things I Promised People I Would Tell You About, Not That I Didn’t Want to Tell You About Them Anyway, Because They’re Cool”

  1. I’ve taught Quantum Mechanics for half a century, and it is deeply entangled with my fiction and poetry. I welcome more Science Fiction Authors into this sub-genre.

  2. I didn’t see it on the link: price?

    what I’ve heard of quantum mechanics is that the experts understand it about as well as any lorry driver, but they can’t just call him a “Rain God”, hence….

  3. Thank you ever so much John! You’re the tops!

    FYI: the comic is $29.95 and shipping is $5.75 to US residents. International rates vary and are negotiable.

  4. I hope it’s ok to mention this here — at the other end of the country (Wyoming), there’s a workshop on astronomy for writers called Launch Pad. More info at
    I’m not connected with it, I just know about because I’m at the university. BTW it’s partly supported by SFWA.

  5. Oh man, thank you for this!!!
    One of my best friends is a Doctor and a Trek fiend. She’s also into comics. I will have to wait three months till I can give her the book but I know what she will say: BBPE!

  6. There is bemoaning at the dinner table as we admit we can’t make it to the workshop. We tossed around ideas like not visiting grandchildren or canceling a cruise… but alas. It’s probably good for us to know we can’t do EVERYTHING

  7. Worst idea ever. Science fiction should never be constrained by our current limited understanding of “anything. For me, science fiction should expand the boundaries of what is possible. Not be confined by those boundaries.

  8. They don’t do Skype? That sucks. My body is so messed up that travel is no longer possible (and yes, I will be writing them about that).


  9. If you’re interested in that sort of comic book, there’s also an 11/nextgen crossover where the borg and the cybermen team up.

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