Moonrise Through the Trees, 3/5/15

It didn’t look this spooky in real life. Honest. But it’s fun to make it look spooky in a photo.

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  1. I watched the same thing last night outside the town of Josselyn in Brittany. The moon was just clearing the horizon when I came out of the supermarket and I swear (allowing for my shade/color blindness) that it was a pale pink. It was on my right across farm fields as I drove north to where I’m housesitting and I kept sneaking a look at it, It turned to gold once it was above the horizon, deep at first then pale.

    I never see a moonrise without thinking something like this: “Here I am, living on a planet. And that’s another one that just happens to circle ours. What an amazing thing the universe is.”

  2. Last night’s full moon is one of the most named full moons. It’s known as the Worm, Crow, Crust, Sap, Seed, and Storm Moon, depending on the culture and/or tribe.

    I got to watch it rise last night and set this morning, through a slight overcast, which gave it a hazy, mysterious appearance.

    Thanks for sharing your view.

  3. I don’t think ‘spooky’ would be the default for this picture. Other adjectives, maybe.

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