Taking the Weekend Off, Again

I know, right? What am I, a man of leisure?

Have a good weekend. See you Monday (or possibly Sunday evening).

10 Comments on “Taking the Weekend Off, Again”

  1. You mad Devil, you; taking a whole weekend off? You just spent a week on a boat!

    Where will it end, I ask myself; the range of possible answers isn’t good. We will just have to hope that Krissie and Athena put their feet down and chain you to your computer…

  2. I have a circle of SF and fantasy. In 2016 we have a project of a convention. I want to know if you are interested in visiting Romania and be at your event. Thank you.

  3. Every other Saturday my wife and I run a screenplay, teleplay, stage script writing workshop. Authors, card-carrying actors, playwrights, a documentary executive producer-director… Then we gain an hour on sunlight this weekend. And what are those twin bright spots on Ceres?

  4. See? That’s what is wrong with the Youth of Today!(TM). No work ethic. You sir are a slacker!*

    *Full disclosure: I have the whole weekend off! YAY!

  5. I finally got around to reading The God Engines today. Totally worth a Saturday afternoon.

  6. I will extend John the courtesy of assuming he is madly pecking away at the keyboard trying to finish the latest book. Because of his – awesome – work ethic. Of course, if he’d buckled down a few months back instead of going on cruises, blogging and playing video games etc. this weekend of desperate effort might not be necessary. Type, TYPE! you wretched content-monkey!

    Naah, he’s probably playing frisbee golf on snowshoes…

  7. Jonathan, that workshop sounds cool, but you’re probably thousands of miles away from here, alas.

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